DND Wizard Spells 5e List [All Levels + Table]

About Wizard Spells:

Wizard spells are adepts of the highest magicians, uniting in the type of their spells. Based on the subtle weaving of magic that permeates the universe, wizards are able to create spells of explosive fire, sparkling lighting, subtle deception and gross control over consciousness.

Their magic calls monsters from other planes of life, predicts the future and turns defeated enemies into zombies. Their most powerful wizard spells can turn one substance into another because meteorites from heaven and open portals to other worlds. Wizards are lives are rarely mundane.

The closest to simple life are probably those of the wizards who work as experts or lecturers in the university library, teaching others the secrets of the multiverse. Other wizard spells offer their services as diviners, serve in the military, or spend their lives in crime and the pursuit of power.

Wizard Spells – Hit Points:

  • Hit Bone: 1d6 for each wizard level.
  • Hits at level 1: 6 + your physique modifier.
  • Hits on the following levels: 1d6 (or 4) + CON mod for each level of the wizard after the first.


wdt_ID Level Name Casting Time School Range Components Duration Attack/Save Damage/Effect
1 1st Absorb Elements 1 Reaction * Abjuration Self S 1 Round None  Acid (...)
2 1st Alarm 1 Minute  Abjuration 30 ft V, S, M * 8 Hours None Detection
3 1st Burning Hands 1 Action Evocation Self (15 ft ) V, S Instantaneous DEX Save  Fire
4 1st Catapult 1 Action Transmutation 60 ft S Instantaneous DEX Save  Bludgeoning
5 1st Cause Fear 1 Action 1 Minute 60 ft - - WIS Save Frightened
6 1st Charm Person 1 Action Enchantment 30 ft V, S 1 Hour WIS Save  Charmed
7 1st Chromatic Orb 1 Action - 90 ft - Instantaneous Ranged Acid (...)
8 1st Color Spray 1 Action Illusion Self (15 ft ) V, S, M * 1 Round None  Blinded
9 1st Comprehend Languages  1 Action  Divination Self V, S, M * 1 Hour None Social
10 1st Detect Magic 1 Action  Divination Self (30 ft ) V, S Concentration 10 Minutes None Detection



Acid Splash

Acid Splash wizard spells enables you to hurtle a small orb made of acid at your target. To cast this spell you need to select a creature or select two creatures (within 5 feet from each other) within range. You need to succeed on the Dexterity saving throw or take 1d6 acid damage. The damage rate will increase by 1d6 when you reach the 5th level (2d6), 11th level (3d6), and 17th level (4d6).

Blade Ward

With this wizard spells, you can stretch your hand and trace Warding Sigil in the breeze to protect your buildings from demons. Till the end of your next chance, you will have resistivity against piercing, bludgeoning, and slashing harm that can be tackled by the weapon attack.

Booming Blade

To cast this booming blade wizard spells, you make a melee attack with a weapon against one creature. When you hit the target, then it suffers the normal attack effects and it becomes sheathed in booming energy until the duration ends.

Chill Touch

This chill touch wizard spells can create a skeletal hand, ghostly in the space of a creature within range. You can make ranged spell which attacks against the creature to assail it with the grave.

Control Flames

This wizard spell makes you choose non-magical flame which you can see within range and fits within a 5ft cube. Instantaneously you can expand the flame upto 5 feet in one direction and also you cause simple shapes such as the vague form of a creature of an inanimate object or location to appear within the flames and animate.

Create Bonfire

By using create bonfire wizard spell you can create a bonfire on the ground which you can see within range. Until the duration ends, the magic bonfire fills 5ft cubes. A wizard spells creature makes the saving throw when it moves into the bonfire’s space.

Dancing Lights

In this wizard spell, you can create up to four torch-sized lights within the specified range which looks like a torch, lantern that hover in the wind for 1 minute.  Even, you can merge the four lights into one medium-sized luminous form. You can choose any of the light, but each sheds dim light in a 10-foot radius. 

Fire Bolt

You hurtle a speck of fire at a creature you target within the range. Fire Bolt wizard spell enables you to make a spell attack against the ranged target. It creates an impact of 1d10 fire damage. When you hit a flammable object with this spell, it gets ignited if it isn’t being worn or carried. The impact will increase with the increase in stages. 


Until the duration ends, you have an advantage on all charisma checks directed at one creature based on your choice which isn’t hostile toward you. When this wizard spells ends, the creature realizes that you used magic to influence its mood. 


The Frostbite wizard spell cause freezing frost to one creature which you can see within the 60 feet range. This wizard spell target makes a CON saving throw. When the target is failed to save, it takes 1d6 cold damage and it has an effect on the next weapon.

Green Flame Blade

In this wizard spell, when you hit the target suffers the attack’s normal effects and green fire leaps from the target to a different creature which you can see within 5ft. Then another creature takes fire damage equal to your spell-casting modifier.


The gust wizard spells holds the air and enforces it to create the effects within the range. The smaller creature which you choose must succeed on a Strength saving throw or it will be pushed the creature up to 5 feet away from you. And you can create small blast and harmless sensory effect using air.


Touch the object which is no longer than 10 feet in any dimension. Until the duration ends, the object will shed bright light in a 20ft radius and also shed dim light for an additional 20ft. This wizard spell action ends when you dismiss it or cast it again. If you are decided to target an object which is worn by the combative creature, then the creature must succeed on a DEX Save which helps to avoid the damage spell.

Lightning Lure

By lightning lure wizard spell, you can create a lash of lightning energy which strikes at one creature within range. The target must succeed on a Strength saving throw or it will be pulled up to 10ft in a straight line towards you and then it takes 1d8 lightning damage if it is within 5ft of you.

Mage Hand

In this wizard spells, the floating and spectral hand appears at a point within the range and it lasts until the duration ends. You can use the hand to manipulate the object, unlock your container or door and you can retrieve an item from an open container. 


Point your finger towards a creature within the specified range and whisper a message. Your target will hear your message and reply in a husky voice that only you can hear. In case, if you are familiar with your target, you can cast this wizard spell via solid objects.  This spell doesn’t require to follow a straight line, can travel peacefully around every corner or through openings. 


Mending wizard spells repairs all the magic items and constructs the objects such as broken keys, broken chain links, leaking wineskin, and torn cloak. But this spell can restore the magic item but it will help to repair it. 

Minor Illusion

From a minor illusion wizard spells, you can create any sound or image of an object within the range. You can create your voice, other creature’s voice, a lion’s roar, drums sound or you can choose any other sound. This illusion lasts until the duration ends.

Mold Earth

You can choose any portion of dirt or stone which you can see within range. The Mold Earth wizard spell targets an area of loose earth, it instantaneously excavates it, moves it along the ground and it deposits up to 5 feet away. You can cause the ground which becomes a normal terrain if it is already difficult terrain.

Poison Spray

The poison spray wizard spells can extend your hand towards a creature that you can see within range and it projects a puff of noxious gas from your palm. This wizard spell creature must succeed on a CON saving throw or it takes 1d12 poison damage.


Prestidigitation wizard spells enables you to perform magical effects for one hour. These magical effects are minor and it has severe limitations. And it does not have any power to duplicate other spell effects.

Ray Of Frost

As of its name, casting this spell will create a beam of blue-white ice streaks towards the creature you pointing within range. Using this wizard spell can hit 1d8 cold damage which speed is reduced by 10ft until the start of your next turn.

Shape Water

By using this wizard spell, you can choose an area of water that you can see within a range which fits within a 5ft cube. Instantaneously you can change the flow of the water as you direct and you can also freeze or unfreeze the water. 

Shocking Grasp

By casting shocking grasp wizard spells, the lightning springs appear on your hand which delivers a shock to a creature. You can make a melee spell which attacks against the target and if you have an advantage on the attack roll then the target is wearing armor made of metal.

Sword Burst

By using a sword burst wizard spell, you can create a momentary circle of spectral blades that sweep around you. This wizard spell succeeds on a DEX saving throw or takes 1d6 force damage.


By using the thunderclap wizard spell, you can create a burst of thunderous sound that can be heard 100 feet away. When the target is failed to save, then the creature takes 1d6 thunder damage.

True Strike

Extend your hand and point a finger at a target within range. Your magic gives you a brief insight into the target’s defenses. And on your next turn, from this wizard spells, you gain an advantage on your first attack roll against the target.


Absorb Elements

The absorb elements wizard spell helps you to capture some of the energy which lessening effect on you and storing it for your next melee attack. You have the resistance to the triggering damage until the start of your next turn. 


You can set an alarm against unwanted intrusion and you can choose a window, door or any other place which you can see within range. Until the wizard spells duration ends, the alarm alerts you whenever tiny or larger creature touches or enters your area.

Burning Hands

By casting this wizard spell, you searing flame shoots from your fingertips. Also, the creatures in the area will take fire damage 1d4 points per caster level. These creatures take 3d6 fire damage on a failed save or half damage on a successful one.

Charm Person

You can attempt to allure humanoid which you can see within range. The allure creature regards you as a friendly acquaintance. When this wizard spell duration ends, then it knows it has been charmed.

Chromatic Orb

By casting this chromatic orb wizard spell, you can create a 4-inch-diameter sphere of energy over a creature that you can see within the range. You can choose the orbs attacks like fire, acid, cold, lightning, poison or thunder. 

Color Spray

Color spray wizard spell clashes the colors from your hand and when those color springs touch the creatures, then it becomes stunned, blinded and unconscious. All the creatures within the cone are affected according to their HD.

Comprehend Languages

By using this wizard spell, you will understand the spoken words of creatures or you are able to read comprehensible written messages. It enables you to understand or read an unknown language.

Detect Magic

If you can sense the magic in this way, then you can use your action to see a faint aura that is surrounded by any visible creature or object in the area that bears magic. This wizard spell can penetrate most barriers when it is blocked by 1 inch of metal, 3 feet of wood or dirt, 1 foot stone and thin sheets of lead.

Disguise Self

By disguise self, you can choose your own clothing, own armor, own weapons and more equipment of yours. But you are not able to change your body size, it remains the same. 

Earth Tremor

This wizard spell causes an earthquake in the ground about a 10ft radius. Except you, every creature in that area must make a DEX saving throw. When it is failed save then the creature takes 1d6 strikes damage.

Expeditious Retreat

This expeditious retreat wizard spells allows you to move at an incredible pace. When you cast this spell the bonus action on each of your turns will take the dash action.

False Life

You can tackle the unlife and it will grant yourself for limited ability to avoid death.  By casting false life wizard spell, you can strengthen yourself with a duplicate necromantic spell of life, until the duration ends, you can gain 1d4 + 4 hit points.

Feather Fall

In Feather Fall wizard spell, select up to five falling creatures within its range. A falling creature’s rate will be slowed to 60-feet per round till this spell ends. If the falling creature lands the ground before the spell ends, it takes no falling harm and can land on its feet, the spell ends for that falling creature. 

Find Familiar

Casting this spell will get the service of a familiar, a spirit that transforms into an animal form of your choice. The familiar within the range will have the statistics of the chosen form, though it is a Celestial, fey or friend instead of a beast. When your familiar hit the zero hit point, it will disappear and will reappear once you cast the Find Familiar wizard spell again. 

Fist of Stone

The fist of the stone wizard spells complicates the gestures of the spell which end with a punch of your hand fist. You can transform your hand into a living stone of might fist and you can gain +6 to attack rolls with the fist.

Fog Cloud

You can create a 20ft sphere of fog which is centered on a point within range. The fog sphere spreads around corners and its area is heavily obscured. This wizard spell lasts for the duration until a greater speed of wind spreads over everywhere.


Casting this wizard spell will create a greasy layer on the ground that covers 10-foot centered on a point within range and transforms into difficult terrain for the duration. The enemy creature standing within the greasy area has to succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or fall prone.

Ice Knife

You can create a piece of ice and throw it at one creature within 60ft range. By this wizard spell, you can make a ranged spell attack which is against the target. On a hit, the target takes 1d10 quick damage. You can hit or miss, throw then it explodes.


You can choose one of the objects that you should touch throughout the casting of the wizard spells. If this spell is a magic item, you can learn about its properties and how to use them. Even, you can learn whether any spells are impacting your item and what they are. 

Illusory Script

By using this wizard spell, you can write on paper or some other writing material and imbue it with a potent illusion that lasts for the duration. You can create any creature by your writing and the spell lasts until the duration ends.


You can touch any creature until the spell ends the creature will jump triple the distance than the normal. This wizard spell duration is one minute.


When you can touch any creature, the target speed increases by 10 feet until the spell ends. This wizard spell duration is one hour.

Mage Armor

By casting mage armor wizard spell, you can touch a willing creature that isn’t wearing armor and a protective magical force surrounds it until the spell ends. The target’s base AC becomes 13 + its Dexterity modifier. The spell ends if the target dons armor or if you dismiss the spell as an action.

Magic Missile

By using this magic missile wizard spells, you can create three glowing darts of magical force. Based on your choice every dart hits a creature which you can see within range and it deals 1d4 + 1 force damage.

Protection From Evil And Good 

The creatures like aberrations, celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead is a big disadvantage when you attack rolls against the target and those targets also can’t be charmed, frightened or possessed. But the protection wizard spells grants many benefits. When the target is already frightened, possessed or charmed by a creature, then the target has the advantage of saving new throw against the relevant effect.

Ray Of Sickness

Ray of sickness wizard spells lash out the greenish energy which towards a creature within range. You can make a ranged spell attack which is against the target. When the target hits, it takes 2d8 poison damage and also it makes CON saving throw. If the target is failed, then the spell turns into poisonous.


By casting this shield wizard spell, you will have an invisible barrier of magical force which appears and protects you. Until the duration ends, on each turn you have a +5 bonus to AC and it includes the triggering attack which do not take any damage from magic missile.

Silent Image

The silent image wizard spells can create the image of an object, creature or other visible phenomanother visible phenomenon than the 15-ft cube. And the images are purely visual, but it does not accompany by smell, sound or any other sensory effects.  When the spell ends, these images will disappear.


By casting sleep wizard spell, it causes a magical slumber to the creatures. The creatures which have the lowest Hit Dice(HD) points will get affected first. From casting this spell, you cannot target any undead and unconscious creatures.

Tasha's Hideous Laughter

In this wizard spell, your chosen creature will be seen within the range and comprehends everything as amusingly funny. Your target should accomplish on a Wisdom saving hurl. It becomes helpless and unable to hold up for the duration. At the end of each turn, it takes harm, and your target can make another saving hurl. 

Tenser's Floating Disk

This wizard spell creates a disk with 3 feet in diameter and 1 inch thick, which can float 3 feet above the ground within range. The disk remains for a duration and can hold up to 500 pounds when the weight limit exceeds, then the spell ends.


This wizard spell can wave thunderous force which sweeps out from you and the spell emits a thunderous boom which is audible out up to 300 feet. 

Unseen Servant

An unseen servant wizard spells are shapeless and invisible force that obeys your command. It will do all the commands which are given by you like opening the doors, holding chairs, fetching things, cleaning and so on.

Witch Bolt

This wizard spell creates a beam of crackling, blue energy lances out toward a creature within range. It forms a sustained arc of lightning between you and the target. 


Aganazzar S Scorcher

By casting Aganazzar S Scorcher wizard spells, the roaring flame will be in action about 30ft long and 5ft wide emanates from you in a direction. Also, each creature in the line make a DEX saving throw and it takes 3d8 fire damage on a failed save/half damage on success save.

Alter Self

When you cast alter self wizard spells, you can assume any form of the creature as humanoid type.  You can assume the abilities like darkvision up to 60 feet, scent, low-light vision and swim up to 30 feet.

Arcane Lock

As of the name, this wizard spell helps you to lock the closed door, window, gate, chest or another path entryway for a certain duration. Only you and the creatures you designate when you cast this spell alone can open the objects normally. There is also a password setting option, that spoken within 5 feet of the object, suppresses the effect of spell for 1 minute. But when the spell is in effect, the object will be unbreakable, the DC to break it or pick any locks on it increases by 10.

Blindness / Deafness

In this spell, you have to choose one creature which you can see within range, it makes a Constitution saving throw. If it fails, then target for either deaf or blind until the duration gets over. Because in the end, each target makes the Constitution saving throw. When success hits, then spell ends.


This wizard spell makes your body shifting, blurred, and wavering to all who can see you. Until the duration ends, you can attack any creature which rolls against you.

Cloud Of Daggers

By casting this wizard spells, you can fill the air with spinning daggers in a cube 5ft on each side and it is centered on a point which you choose within range. When the creature enters the area for the first time then it takes 4d4 slashing damage.

Continual Flame

Continual Flame wizard spells, aflame with equivalent brightness to a torch, that springs forth from an object that you touch. Though it looks like a regular flame, it doesn’t create heat not use any oxygen. One can cover or hide the continual flame but it cannot be smothered or quenched.

Crown Of Madness

From the crown of madness wizard spells, you can select the humanoid based on your choice which you can see within range. It must succeed on a WIS saving throw or it is charmed by you until the duration ends.


This wizard spell spreads magical darkness from a point that you can choose within the range until the spell duration ends. And the creature which had darkvision can’t see through the darkness and its light cannot illuminate.


By this wizard spell, you can touch any willing creature to allow the ability to see in the dark. This spell helps to see in total darkness within 60 feet range.

Detect Thoughts

This wizard spell helps to read the minds of other creatures and you can use this power until the duration ends. You can focus on any creature which is present within 30ft around you.

Dust Devil

This wizard spell enables you to choose any unoccupied 5ft cube of air that you can see within the range. The natural force resembles a dust devil which appears in the cube until the duration ends. 


By this earthbind wizard spells, you can choose one creature which will be surrounded by yellow strips of magical energy loop that you can see within range. An airborne creature is affected by this wizard spell and it descends at 60ft per round until it reaches the ground or the spell ends.

Enlarge / Reduce

By casting this wizard spell, you can cause a creature or an object which you can see within range to grow larger or smaller until the duration ends. You can choose either an object or a creature that is neither worn nor carried. When the target is on an unwilling creature then it can make a CON saving throw.

Flaming Sphere

A flaming sphere wizard spells rolls over barriers that are less than 4 feet tall. This wizard spell ignites flammable substances it touches and illuminates the same area as a torch. As a bonus action, you can move the sphere up to 30ft.

Gentle Repose

From this wizard spell, you can touch a corpse or other remains. The spell effectively extends when the time limit is raising the target from the dead and it doesn't count when the time is against spells such as raise dead. 

Gust Of Wind

The Gust of wind wizard spells creates a severe blast of air which originates from you and it affects all creatures in its path. This gust disperses gas or vapor and it extinguishes the lanterns, candles, torches and similar unprotected flames in the area.

Hold Person

The hold person wizard spells helps you to choose a humanoid that you can see within the 60ft range. The target must succeed when wisdom saving throw or it will be paralyzed until the duration ends. At the end of the turn, the target can make another wisdom which is saving throw. When you hit success, then wizard spell ends.


With this Invisibility wizard spell, a creature or object you touch becomes invisible until the duration ends. The target which you wear or carry is invisible as long as it is on the target’s person.


Choose a creature within your range that might be a door, a chest, a box or any other object that contains a magical means which forestalls access. A creature that is stuck or blockaded becomes unbarred.


By casting wizard spell, you can choose one creature or object based on your choice which you can see within range and it rises vertically, up to 20ft and until the duration ends it remains suspended. This spell alleviates weighs up to 500 pounds and it succeeds CON saving throw.

Locate Object

You have to describe or name of an object that is very much familiar to you. You can sense the direction of the object location within thousand feet from you and in case if the object is moving, then you will know the direction of its movement. And also you can't locate an object if there are any thin sheets, lead or blocks between you and the object.

Magic Mouth

This wizard spell saturates the chosen creature with an enthralled mouth that abruptly appears and whispers its message when the specified event occurs. Eventually, determine the circumstances that will initiate the wizard spell to render your message.  When this scenario occurs, a magical mouth will appear on the creature and narrates the message in your voice at the same volume of yours. 

Magic Weapon

By using a magic weapon wizard spells, you can touch any non-magical weapon. Until the duration ends, the weapon becomes a magic weapon with a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls.

Maximilian S Earthen Grasp

From Maximilian S Earthen Grasp wizard spell, you need to choose a 5ft sq. unoccupied space on the ground which you can see within 30ft range. By casting this spell, you can make compacted soil rises and it reaches for one creature you can see within 5 feet of it. 

Mirror Image

By using a mirror image wizard spells, you can create three illusory duplicates of yourself that appear in your area. Until the spell duration ends, those three duplicates move with you and it mimics your actions. You can use your actions to dismiss the illusory duplicates.

Misty Step

By using misty step wizard spells, you will be surrounded by silvery mist and you can teleport up to 30ft to an unoccupied space that you can see.

Nystul's Magic Aura

This wizard spell creates an illusion on the creature or an object you touch and the divination spells reveal false information about it.  When you cast this wizard spell, you can use the following effects:

1. False aura - it can change the response of the target’s appearance to spells and magic effects. You can make a non-magical object appear magical and vice-versa. It is used to create a false appearance of the object.
2. Mask - This can change the way the target appears to the spell and magical effect that are used to detect the creature types.

Phantasmal Force

Phantasmal force wizard spells can craft an illusion in the mind of a creature that you can see within range. And the target makes an Intelligence saving throw and when the throw is failed then you can create a phantasmal creature, object, and any other visible phenomenon.


Select an area of flame that fits your range. You can eradicate the fire in that area, and you can create fireworks or smoke. 

1. Firework - Your target that detonates with impressive display colors. Each creature that is within the range can succeed on a constitution saving hurls until your next turn.

2. Smoke -  A Thick black smoke propagates out from your target in the specified radius, moves around each corner.

Ray of Enfeeblement

Ray of enfeeblement wizard spells of a black beam of enervating energy springs from your finger and it towards a creature within 60ft range. You can make a ranged spell attack which is against the target. When the target hits the deals, then only half of the damage with weapon attacks and use the Strength until the spell ends.

Rope Trick

When you touch a rope with length 60 feet long, one end of the rope the flies in air until it hangs perpendicular to the ground. The upper end of the rope acts as a portal to an extra-dimensional space that lasts until the spell ends. Attacks and spells cannot pass through the entrance in or out of the space. And anything inside the extra-dimensional space drops out when the wizard spell ends. 

Scorching Ray

By scorching ray wizard spells, you can create three layers of fire which hurls them at targets within range. From each ray, you can make one spell attack or you can hurl them in several targets. When target hits, it takes 2d6 fire damage.

See Invisibility

By casting this wizard spell, you see invisible creatures and objects within the ethereal plane. It makes the creatures and objects appear like ghostly and transparent.


Shatter wizard spells creates a loud noise that breaks brittle and non-magical objects like sunders solid or damages a crystalline creature.


By skywriter wizard spells, you can cause up to ten words and those words appears like it is made up of cloud and remains in place until the spell duration ends. If the strong winds disperse the clouds and then the spell ends early. 

Snilloc's Snowball Swarm

This wizard spell creates a flurry of magic snowballs which erupts from a point that you can choose within range. If you notice any creature which is available in a 5ft radius sphere and then it make DEX saving throw. When the creature failed, it takes 3d6 cold damage and if the throw succeeds, it will cause half of the damage on a successful one.

Spider Climb

Until this wizard spell ends, from one willing creature you will gain the ability to move down, up and across vertical surfaces. You will also gain climbing speed which is equal to its walking speed.


You can suggest a course of activity and you can magically influence a creature which you can see within range that can hear and understand you. This wizard spell creatures which can’t be charmed are immune to this effect.


This web wizard spells creates many layers which is totally sticky and these sticky strands make you an enemy to get caught in a trap. These spider webs are larger and stronger and you can grab them these sticky fibers.


Animate Dead

This wizard spell changes bones and corpses into zombies or skeletons which will obey your commands and destroyed zombies or skeleton cannot create again. If the creature stops obeying our commands, then you need to create another before the spell ends.

Bestow Curse

When you cast this wizard spell, you need to choose the nature of the curses like break enchantment, limited wish, miracle, remove curse or wish spell. If you want to end this spell, then use remove the curse. 


By casting this wizard spell, you can hear and see the plane where it originated from and this spell cast in shades of gray which you can’t see anything more than 60 feet away.  Also, you will be get affected by other creatures on the Ethereal Plane. 


This wizard spell creates an invisible magical sensor that will help to identify the exact location by hearing and seeing. You can create the sensor if the location is familiar or unfamiliar to you, it helps to interact with you.


Using the wizard counterspell attempt you can interrupt a creature in the process. This sorcerer has no effect when the creature is casting a spell of 3rd level or lower. If it is casting a spell of 4th level or higher, then it makes an ability check using your spellcasting ability.

Dispel Magic

By using this wizard spell you can create one creature, magical effect or object within 120ft range. The spells end when the duration gets over. 

Erupting Earth

You choose a point where you can see the ground within the 120ft range. The creature takes 3d12 bludgeoning damage on a failed to save and half of the damage for a successful one. 


Fear wizard spells creates an illusory mental image of a creature which project worst fears. Each creature is available in a 30ft cone which must succeed on a WIS saving throw or drop whatever it is holding until the duration ends.

Feign Death

You can touch a creature and put it into the affected state. When you casting the wizard spell, if the target is poisoned or diseased, until the spends, there will be no effect for disease and poison.


Fireball wizard spells generates a searing flame explosion that detonates with a low roar and it deals 1d6 points of fire damage per caster level. And this explosion creates almost no pressure.

Flame Arrows

The flame arrows wizard spells allows you to turn crossbow bolts, arrows and sling stones into fire projectiles. This flaming missile can easily fire a flammable object but when it strikes, it won't fire a creature.


You can touch any willing creature which gains a flying speed of 60ft until the duration ends. The wizard spell duration expires when the target falls or still upwards.

Gaseous Form

By gaseous form wizard spell, you can transform any willing creature into a misty cloud that you can touch along with everything. This sorcerer spell ends when the creature drops to 0 hit points.

Glyph Of Warding

This powerful glyph harms those pass or enters the warded object or area and also it can trap a box, guard a bridge of passage, ward a portal and so on.


By casting haste wizard spells, you can choose a willing creature that you can see within range. Until the spell duration ends, then the target’s speed is doubled and it gains a +2 bonus to AC.  It has an advantage on DEX saving throws and it gains an additional action on each effect.

Hypnotic Pattern

By using this hypnotic pattern wizard spell, you can create twisting color patterns that weave through the air which inside a 30ft cube within range. The pattern appears for a moment and it vanishes.

Leomund S Tiny Hut

A 10-foot radius unmovable dome of force bounce into creation around and above you. This remains static for a particular duration. Nearly 9 creatures of medium size can fit inside your dome. This wizard spell can fail, if the dome space includes a massive creature. Further, when you cast the creature or objects within the dome you can move the spell freely through it. 

Lightning Bolt

This wizard spell will release a powerful stroke of electrical energy that deals 1d6 points of electricity damage per caster level. Each creature in the line must make a DEX saving throw.

Magic Circle

From a magic circle wizard spell, you can create a 20ft tall cylinder and the magical energy which is centered on a point on the ground. You can choose one or more creatures like celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, or undead and it is saved by cylindrical magic energy.

Major Image

By using a major image wizard spell, you can create the image of an object which phenomenon is no larger than a 20ft cube. Those images seem completely real including smell, sounds, and temperature which can be appropriate to the thing portrayed.

Melf's Minute Meteors

By casting this wizard spell, you can create tiny meteors in your space. Until the spell duration ends, those meteors float in the air and once it reaches its destination then the meteor explodes.


Non-detection wizard spells hides a target that can you touch from divination magic. You can target any willing creature which you see within 10ft and those targets cannot be noticed if it is through magical scrying sensors.

Phantom Steed

Casting this wizard spell will create a quasi-real, horse-like creature, that appears on the ground within the range of your choice.  Deciding the appearance of the creature is up to you but it has to be equipped with saddle, bit, and bridle. You or the creature can ride the steed until the spell ends. The spell enables your creature to ride the horse with a speed of 100 feet and thereby travel 10 miles in one hour. 

Protection From Energy

It is a temporary immunity wizard spell and if any creature makes damage to you, then this sorcerer spell will guard you. You will protect from lightning, acid, thunder, cold or fire. Deciding the creature’s appearance is up to you, but it will be equipped with either one of these weapons saddles, bit and bridle. 

Remove Curse

This wizard spell removes all the curses from any creature or an object. One more thing, the curse cannot be removed from cursed weapon, shield or suit of armor. Remove curse counters and dispels bestow curse.


By using this wizard spell, at any distance, you can send a short message to any creature which you are very familiar with. If the creature recognizes your message then it will answer you in a good manner and also your message should be less than 25 words.

Sleet Storm

Until the sleet storm wizard spell ends, the freezing rain in a 20ft tall cylinder at 40ft radius which centered on a point you choose within range. The area is fully covered with ice and it makes difficult terrain.


By casting slow wizard spell, you can alter the time which is around up to six creatures of your choice. Until the duration ends, each target must succeed on a WIS saving throw or it will be affected.

Stinking Cloud

Create a 20-foot radius sphere of yellow, vile gas centered on a point within its range. In this wizard spell,  your target area will be extensively clouded and will be spread around every nook. The objects that are within the cloudy area will make an essential saving hurl against poison at its initial turn. If it fails to save, the object spends its action that turns to twitch and struggling. 

Tidal Wave

In this wizard spell, the wave of water crashes down on an area within range. It spreads out across the ground in all directions, extinguishes unprotected flames in its area and within 30ft of it.


This spell helps the creature to the ability to understand and speak the language of any intelligent creature. They can speak only one language at a time.

Vampiric Touch

The tongues wizard spells helps the creature to the ability to understand and speak the language of any intelligent creature. They can speak only one language at a time.

Wall Of Sand

Casting this wizard spell will enable you to conjure up a wall of swirling sand. The wall you make can go up to 10 feet high, 30 feet long, and 10 feet thick, and it vanishes when the spell ends. This spell will bind the creature in the wall’s space that makes it spend 3 feet of movement for its every 1 foot. 

Wall Of Water

The wall of water wizard spell deals with cold damage that passes through the wall and it causes the area of the wall they pass through to freeze solid. Decreasing a frozen section that has 0 hit points to destroys it. When one part is destroyed, the wall’s water doesn’t fill it.

Water Breathing

This wizard spell grants up to ten willing creatures what you can see within range and it gives the ability to breathe underwater until the spell duration ends. The affected creatures also retain their regular mode of respiration.


Arcane Eye

On casting this wizard spell, it will hover an invisible mythical eye for a certain duration. The mythical eye has both normal and dark vision within a range of 30 feet, that offers you visual information. And it can look in all directions.


This banishment wizard spell is one of the most powerful versions of the dismissal spell. It enables you to force the extraplanar creatures out of your home. If the target succeeds on a charisma saving throw.


The blight wizard spells necromantic energy washes over a creature based on your choice that you can see within range, it drains moisture and vitality from it. When you target for plant creature or a magical plant that makes the saving throw with disadvantage. Incase if you target a non-magical plant then it doesn’t make a saving throw, it just simply withers and dies.


This wizard spell makes confusion in the target and it makes them unable to determine their actions. Because of confusion sorcerer spell, many of the creatures lose the target.

Conjure Minor Elementals

The conjure minor elementals wizard spells disappears when it drops to 0 hit points or when the spell duration ends. The gathered creatures behave friendly to you and your companions. You can roll the initiative for the creatures as a group, which has its own turns.

Control Water

Until the control water wizard spells ends, you can control any freestanding water inside an area and you can choose the water that is cube up to 100 feet on aside.

Dimension Door

By dimension door wizard spell, you can instantly transfer yourself from your current location to any other place within range. You always arrive exactly at the spot – whether by simply visualizing the area or by stating direction.

Elemental Bane

Choose any one of the creatures that you can see within range and choose one of the damage effects like acid, cold, thunder, fire, lightning, acid or cold. When the target succeeds on a CON saving throw or it is affected by the wizard spell until the duration ends.

Evard's Black Tentacles

As of the name, casting this wizard spell will create a field of squirming, ebony tentacles for a range of 20 feet within the range. Any creature that enters into the affected field must succeed on a Dexterity throw or take 3d6 bludgeoning damage.


This Fabricate wizard spell will help one to convert raw material into a product of the same material. It cannot create magic items or items that require a high degree of craftsmanship, like jewelry, weapons, glass, armor, perhaps you have proficiency with the type of artisan’s tools.

Fire Shield

Casting this wizard spell will create a flame on your body. The flame will act as a shield, either a warm shield (resist cold damage) or a cold shield (resist fire shield) of your choice. Whenever a creature hits you, the attacker will get 2d8 fire/cold damage.

Greater Invisibility

The creature you touch will become invisible until this wizard spells ends. Anything your target is carrying or wearing is unseen until it is on the targets’ person.

Hallucinatory Terrain

The Hallucinatory Terrain wizard spell can make natural terrain which sounds, look and smell like another sort of natural terrain. The appearance of structures, equipment, and creatures within the area are not changed.

Ice Storm

By this wizard spell, great magical hailstones fall downs and its dealing points are 3d6 for bludgeoning damage and 2d6 points for cold damage. This damage occurs once and when the spell is cast the remaining duration of the ice storm sorcerer spell will like heavy snow and sleet rains down in the area.

Leomund's Secret Chest

On casting this wizard spell, the caster hides a chest on the Ethereal Plane, safe and secure for a maximum of 60 days. The chest can be retrieved by the caster at any point during the 60 days. To cast this spell, the chest needed to fulfill some requirements like specific dimensions and materials.

Locate Creature

This wizard spell used to Locate Object, you can identify the creature and also it shows the direction of the creature within the range. This spell cannot identify the creature which is in water.

Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound

Casting this wizard spell, you will conjure a phantom watchdog in an unoccupied space within range. The hound will be invisible to all creatures except you and cannot be harmed by any creature. Through the hound, you can see invisible creatures and also see into the Ethereal Plane.

Mordenkainen's Private Sanctum

This wizard spell is all about creating a secure area within the range. You can customize what sort of security should be provided by the spell. You can choose any or all the following are the properties of this spell:
- Sound can’t pass through the shield.
- Dark and foggy thereby preventing vision.
- Protect you from sensors.
- The divination spells can’t target the creatures inside the barrier.
- Teleport is not possible in and out of the warded area.
- No planar travel inside the warded area.

Otiluke's Resilient Sphere

You can create a shimmering force shield that encloses a creature or object. The unwilling creature has to make a Dexterity saving throw. If it fails to save, then the creature will be enclosed for the duration. Nothing can pass through the barrier but it allows the creature to breathe inside.

Phantasmal Killer

This wizard spell allows you to manifest the deepest fears of a targeted creature by tapping into its nightmare. The illusory manifested will be visible only to that creature. The target must succeed a Wisdom saving throw or get frightened for the duration and takes 4d10 psychic damage.


The polymorph wizard spells transforms a creature that you can see within range into a new form. An unwilling creature will make a WIS saving throw to avoid the effect. And the shapechanger automatically succeeds in saving throw.

Stone Shape

Using this wizard spell, you can form stone into any shape that suits your purpose. There is a 30% chance that you can make any shape including moving parts which doesn’t work.


By using stoneskin wizard spells, if you are touching any creature then its flesh of a willing creature turn as hard as stone. Until the stoneskin wizard spell ends, the target has resistance to non-magical hammer, knife, and severe damage.

Storm Sphere

By casting this wizard spell, each turn you can use a bonus action and at the center of the sphere, it causes a bolt of lightning within 60 ft. You will have an advantage on the attack roll if the target is in the sphere. When the target hits, it takes 4d6 lightning damage.

Vitriolic Sphere

By using a vitriolic sphere wizard spell, you will point at a place within the range and 1-foot ball of emerald acid streaks and it explodes in a 20-foot radius. Each creature in that area must make a DEX saving throw.

Wall Of Fire

In-wall of the fire wizard spells, you can create a firewall on a solid surface within range. And you can make the wall up to 20 feet high, 60 feet long, and 1 foot thick. The wall is opaque and it lasts for the until the duration ends.

Watery Sphere

The watery sphere wizard spells can conjure up a sphere of water with a 10ft radius on a point within range. The sphere can hover in the air but no more than 10 feet off the ground. Until the duration ends, the sphere remains.


Animate Objects

Animate objects is a command wizard spell. You can choose any non-magical objects within 120ft range which are not being carried. For average targets, you can select two objects, for large targets you can select four objects, for huge targets you can select eight objects. Until the duration ends, all the target animates and it becomes a creature, also it hit points will reduce into 0 points.


By casting cloudkill sorcerer spell, you can create poisonous yellow-green fog which is centered on a 20-foot-radius. This poisonous fog spreads around the corners.

Cone Of Cold

It is one of the sorcerer spells that blasts cold air and it erupts from your hands. The creatures which are available at a 60-foot cone will make a CON saving throw. On a failed save creatures takes 8d8 cold damage and when it is successful, it makes half damage.

Conjure Elemental

By using this wizard spell, you can call forth an elemental servant who chooses an area of the fire, earth, air, fire, or water that fills a 10-foot cube within range. And until the duration ends, elemental behave friendly to you.

Contact Other Plane

By using this wizard spells, you can mentally contact a mortal god, the spirit of a long-dead savant and some other mysterious entity from another plane. When contacting this extraplanar intelligence, it will burden or even break your mind.

Dominate Person

In this wizard spell, caster tries to enchant a humanoid within the range. The creatures that are close to him are battling and have benefits on the saving hurl. When your creature is enchanted, the caster has a psychic link with it. The caster can make use of the creature’s action to take exact control of the target. Each time, the target takes harm, it makes a wisdom saving hurl against the spell. If the saving hurl succeeds, the wizard spell will end.


You can select any creature as your messenger and you can send a message to others in the form of a dream. At the beginning of the spell, you must identify them by some title that leaves no doubt about your identity.


You can give any command to the creature you choose, maybe it was a short activity that would result in death. If you give a suicidal command, then this wizard spell ends.

Hold Monster

The hold monster wizard spells will target the succeed on a WIS saving throw or it will be paralyzed until the duration ends. This wizard spell has no effect on undead.


Immolation wizard wreathes the flames on one creature you can see within range. When the target makes DEX saving throw then it takes 7d6 fire damage on a failed to save and half damage on a successful save.

Legend Lore

By using this wizard spell, you can name or describe a person, place or object. This spell brings to your mind a brief summary of the significant lore about the things you named.


While you are stable, you will be unseen at the time that an illusory double appears. You can make use of the actions to mobilize your double up to multiply your speed and make it speak, and access them in whatever way you choose. On every turn, you will be provided with a bonus action.

Modify Memory

With this wizard spell, you can resize or modify another creature or objects’ memories. The creature that failed to save wisdom hurl will be captivated. When this enchant is active, you can easily affect your opponent’s memories. However, the altered memory will not affect the behavior of the target.


Casting this spell will create a passage at a point of any surface that you choose, but will last for a specific duration. When the spell ends the passage will disappear and any creature of object created inside the passage will be ejected out safely near the surface from where you cast the spell.

Planar Binding

With this wizard spell, you can attempt to bind an elemental, a celestial, a fey, or a friend to your service and those creatures should follow your instructions and you can command them to guard a location, accompany you on an adventure or to deliver a message.

Rary's Telepathic Bond

This wizard spell helps you to create a telepathic link with up to eight creatures of your choice, psychologically connecting each creature to all the others for the spell duration. This spell has no impact on creatures with 2 or less than 2 Intelligence score. Telepathic communication is possible over any distance.


You can observe the creature at any distance. If the target succeeds then you will make WIS save throws, the difficulty of the save depends on how well you have knowledge about the target. Instead of targeting a creature, you can choose a location for better points.


The Seeming wizard spells will let you transfer the impression of the creatures that appear within your range. A grudging target will make a personal saving hurl. If the save is successful, it will not be affected by the wizard spell. The spell hides its physical impression, armor, clothing, and weapons.


Telekinesis wizard spells gains the ability to move or manipulate the objects or creatures by thought. When you cast this spell on each round your action will exert one of your will object or creature within range.

Teleportation Circle

On casting this wizard spell, you can sketch a circle with a 10ft diameter on the field with sigils that connect your place or location to an everlasting teleportation circle of your pick. A twinkling gateway will be opened within the sketched circle and remains open till the end of your next round.

Transmute Rock

By choosing to transmute rock wizard spells, you can transform stone to mud or mud to stone. You should choose an area of stone or mud which fits within a 40-foot cube and that is within range. When you transform a rock into mud then creatures will sink in non-magical mud, it is one of the best wizard spells to attack enemies.

Wall Of Force

Casting this wizard spell will create an invisible wall of force into existence at your desired point. The best thing about the spell is it can be used in any direction, free-floating or resting on the surface, and even can take hemispherical dome or sphere shape. Nothing can penetrate through it physically, also extends into the Ethereal Plane thereby blocking ethereal travel and cannot be dispelled by dispel magic.

Wall Of Stone

The wall of stone wizard spell non-magical wall of solid stone springs into existence at a point within range. Each panel must be contiguous with at least one other panel. You can create 10ft/20ft panels that are only 3 inches thick.


Arcane Gate

You can create linked teleportation portals which last until the duration ends. You can choose two points on the ground, one point is within 10ft of you and another point is within 500ft of you.

Chain Lightning

Casting this wizard spell creates a lightning electrical discharge which begins as a single stroke and it commences from your fingertips. Like lightning bolt spell, chain lightning strikes the creature initially, then arcs to other targets.

Circle Of Death

By this circle of death wizard spell, you can form a sphere of negative energy which ripples out in a 60ft radius. It makes CON saving throw and its target takes 8d6 necrotic damage on a failed save / half damage on a successful one.


This wizard spell allows you to place another spell upon your person/creature and it comes into effect under some condition you dictate. The condition for casting contingency spell must be clear. In all cases, the contingency will instantly get into effect the companion spell, the latter being cast instantaneously as per the prescribed circumstances occur.

Create Undead

You can cast this wizard spell only at night and you can choose up to three corpses within range. Each corpse changes into an evil and it obeys your commands. And the creature will be in your control for 24 hours after the duration ends it will stop obeying your commands. To control the creature for another 24 hours, you must cast this spell on the creature before the current 24-hour period ends.


The disintegrate wizard spell, you can affect the enemies by using green ray springs from your pointing finger. You can target any object, creature or magical force. Also, you can affect the creature, but no their weapons.

Drawmij's Instant Summons

This wizard spell leaves an invisible mark on the surface of the object when you touch it and creates an invisibly inscribed the name of the item on the sapphire. Every time you use this spell with different sapphire. After the when you speak the name and crush the sapphire, it instantly brings you the object regardless of physical or planar distance.


Until this wizard spell duration ends, your eyes become an inky void imbued with dread power. In each round, you can target any living creature which striking it with waves of power. This attack has three effects like comatose, panicked, sickened, etc.

Flesh To Stone

You can attempt one creature which you can see within range transform into stone. If the target body is made up of flesh then the creature makes a CON saving throw. When it fails, then restrain its flesh begins to harden.

Globe Of Invulnerability

When casting this wizard spell, you will surround by immobile creatures or faintly shimmering magical sphere which excludes all the spell effects above 3rd level. The effect on any spells does not include the lesser globe of invulnerability area.

Guards And Wards

This wizard spell will let you generate a ward to protect your area. The warded area will nearly tall up to 20ft and can be sized as per your wish. When you opt for this spell, you can determine the individual creatures that are not affected by the spell. Effects of this spell are:
1. Corridors - all the corridors will be filled with fog and will be extensively concealed.
2. Doors - every door will be locked mysteriously.
3. Stairs - all the stairs will be filled with webs.
4. Other spell effects - you can replace your effects with the spells like dancing light, magic mouth, suggestions, stinking cloud, etc.

Investiture Of Flame

Investiture of flame wizard spell race across your body, it sheds bright light in a 30ft radius and it sheds dim light for an additional 30ft and these flames don't harm you. Until the spell ends, you gain immunity to fire damage and also have resistance from cold damage.

Investiture Of Ice

From investiture of the ice wizard spell, you gain immunity to cold damage and also have resistance from fire damage. You can move to any dangerous ice terrains without any difficulties.

Investiture Of Stone

From investiture of stone wizard spell, you have resistance from slashing damage from non-magical weapons. And you can move across any difficult terrain which is made of stone without spending extra movement.

Investiture Of Wind

By using this wizard spell, you can gain flying speed which is up to 60ft. Each creature will make CON saving throw & if it fails then it takes 2d10 bludgeoning damage.

Magic Jar

On casting this wizard spell, your soul leaves the body and enters into a container you use as a spell’s material component. The life force of the caster attempt to possess a creature or else get back into its own body. While trying to possess a creature, it will be subjected to Charisma saving throw, if it fails then your soul moves into the target creature’s body and the creature’s soul gets trapped into the container.

Mass Suggestion

The mass suggestion wizard spell helps you to suggest a course of activity and it is magically influenced by twelve creatures of your choice which you can see within range that can hear and understand you.

Move Earth

The move earth wizard spell helps to move dirt like sand, loa, clay or soil from all the places. When you are moving, it does not violently break the surface of the ground and it creates wavelike troughs and crests to move the earth.

Otiluke's Freezing Sphere

Casting this spell will create a frigid globe of cold energy streaks from you fingertips towards the direction you point at. Every creature within the range will be subjected to make a Constitution saving throw. If the failed, the creature will take 10d6 cold damage. In case of successful save, it takes half as much damage.

Otto's Irresistible Dance

Opt one object or creature that is available within your range. The target begins it combat by tapping the feet, shuffling, capering for some time. It is a dancing object where you can make use of its all movements.

Programmed Illusion

With this wizard spell, you can establish a myth of a creature, an object or some other apparent manifestation within your specified range. This illusionary spell will be untraceable. The creature will not be larger than 30ft cube. If the object recognizes the illusory for what it is, then your object or creature can visualize through the image.


Until the wizard spell duration, you can use a standard action to evoke a shining beam of intense light in each round. You can see three caster beams levels. The sunbeam wizard spell duration ends when it is running out for our allotment of the beam.

True Seeing

This spell gives you the willing creature which will touch the ability to see things as they actually are. Until the duration ends, the creature has true-sight and notices the secret doors which are hidden by magic.

Wall Of Ice

Casting this wizard spell will create a wall of ice at your desired point and can also take hemispherical dome or sphere shape. When the wall cuts through the creature’s space, the creature will be subjected to Dexterity saving throw or takes 10d6 cold damage. The wall has AC 12, 30 hit points and is vulnerable to fire. When the spell ends the wall gets destroys and leaves a sheet of frigid air behind. A creature with comes in contact with the frigid air will be subjected to Constitution saving throw or take 5d6 cold damage.


Delayed Blast Fireball

By casting this wizard spell, a ray of yellow light flashes from your finger and if you desire, then glowing bead will detonate in the next five rounds. If any creature touches the glowing bead, then it makes DEX saving throw.


Etherealness wizard spell was a transmutation spell that made the caster travel to the Border ethereal. Until the duration ends, you can move in any direction. If you are moving up or down then every foot of movement costs an extra foot.

Finger Of Death

By the finger of death wizard spell, you can send negative energy to any creature which you can see within range. And the target makes a CON saving throw and it takes 7d8+ 30 necrotic damage on a failed to save or half damage on a successful one.


By using this wizard spell, you create an invisible, immobile, cube-shaped prison which is composed of magical force within range. The prison can be up to 10 feet on size and it creates a solid barrier that prevents any matter from passing through it.

Mirage Arcane

You can make terrain in an area up to 1 mile and however the terrain’s general shape remains the same. Open fields or a road could be made to resemble fenland, foothills, pit, or some other difficult terrain.

Mordenkainen S Magnificent Mansion

You can invoke an extra-dimensional habitation in a particular range until the duration ends. Choose a location where the entrance is housed. The entrance gleams slightly, it is 10ft tall and 5ft wide. When you cast the spell, you can get into the habitation until the portal is open. The portal will be invisible if it is closed.

Mordenkainen's Sword

This wizard spell will let you engender a sword modeled plane of force hovers within the range. When your sword emerges, your creature can make a melee attack against the opponent of your choice. You can make use of additional action or bonus effects for each turn until your spell duration ends.

Plane Shift

This wizard spell helps to move yourself or other creatures to another plane that exists in an alternate dimension. You can choose a creature within your reach and it makes a melee spell attack against it. On every hit, the creature must make a Charisma saving throw.

Prismatic Spray

Prismatic spray wizard spell causes shining and multiple colored beams that flashes the light from your hand and all the beams has separate power. Here are as follows:
1. Red - it takes 10d6 fire damage
2. Orange - it takes 10d6 acid damage
3. Yellow - it takes 10d6 lightning damage
4. Green - it takes 10d6 poison damage
5. Blue - it takes 10d6 cold damage
6. Indigo - its target is restrained and it makes CON saving throw.
7. Violet - its target is blinded and it make WIS saving throw
8. Struck by two colored beams rays - Roll twice more, re-rolling any 8.

Project Image

You can now create an illusion of your creature that lasts for some duration. This illusion can be visible at any of your locations within the specified range. If the illusory has any harm, your illusion will disappear and the spell will come to an end. Make use of your power to move your illusion twice your speed and make it speak in whatever way you wish.

Reverse Gravity

This wizard spell reverses gravity up to 50ft radius and 100ft high cylinder which is centered on a point within range. When you cast this spell all creatures and objects that aren’t somehow anchored to the ground in the area fall upward and reach the top of the area.


This wizard spell helps you to hide a creature or an object and keep it safe from detection for a certain time duration. Once you cast the spell and touch the target, it will become invisible and cannot be targeted by divination spells or sensors. When the creature falls into a suspended state, the time will be ceased and it won’t grow further.


Using this wizard spell helps you to create an illusory duplicate of any creature. The illusory creature is partially real, formed of snow, but has only one-half of the real creature’s hit points. It obeys your order and if you cast this spell again, any currently active duplicates you created already are destroyed instantly.


When you cast this wizard spell, you can mark a harmful glyph which is on a surface or within an object that can be closed to the glyph. If the object is moved more than 10 feet from where you cast this spell then the glyph is broken and the spell ends without being triggered.


It is an instantaneous wizard spell. With this spell, you can instantly enthrall yourself and the amenable creatures of your option to the destination which you choose. If you aim at an object or creature, it should fit inside a 10ft cube. The destination of your choice should be well known to you and should be on the same plane. The familiarity with your desired location will let you know whether you have transformed successfully or not.


This whirlwind wizard spell creates a powerful cyclone in which wind moves through the air along the ground and water at a speed of 60ft per round. You can control the cyclone of every movement.


Abi Dalzim's Horrid Wilting

By casting this wizard spell, you can draw the moisture from every creature in a 30ft cube within range and each creature make CON saving throw. On a failed save, the creature takes 10d8 necrotic damage.

Antimagic Field

In this spell, the invisible barrier surrounds you and moves with you. The space within this barrier is impervious to most magical effects, including spells and it's supernatural abilities. Also, it prevents the functioning of any magic items or spells within its boundaries.

Antipathy Sympathy

This wizard spell attracts or repels creatures based on your choice. You can target something within range or an area that is no larger than a 200ft cube. You can specify a kind of intelligent creatures such as red dragons, goblins or vampires.


This wizard spell is used to create a clone of a living creature. The clone is created inside a sealed vessel and takes 120days to grow completely. At any point when the original creature dies, its soul will get transferred to the clone. This spell can be used only after the clone matures.

Control Weather

You can take control of the weather within 5 miles from you. You can change the current weather conditions which are determined by Dungeons Master and you can change the temperature, wind and so on based on climatic changes.


From demiplane wizard spell, you can create a shadowy door on a flat solid surface that you can see within range. The door is large enough to allow average creatures to pass through obstructed.

Dominate Monster

One of these wizard spells, establish a telepathic link with one monster that you can touch that is friendly to you. That monster can understand your telepathic messages and it can telepathically communicate with simple emotions and concepts back to you. If you are friendly to the monster, then you gain the advantage of saving throw.


The feebleminded wizard spell blast the mind of a creature that you can see within range and attempting to shatter its intellect and personality. And the target takes 4d6 psychic damage and it makes an Intelligence saving throw.

Incendiary Cloud

By casting incendiary cloud wizard spell, you can create a cloud of smoke shot through white-hot embers. The smoke obscures as a fog cloud does. When cloud appears then each creature makes DEX saving throw.


This Maze wizard spell is an act of escapism. It allows you to banish a creature that you choose within the range into a labyrinthine demiplane. The target creature will remain there until the spell duration or until it finds a way to escape from the maze.

Mind Blank

If you touch one amenable creature will affect the psychic harm until the spell terminates. Further, the effects will sense your creatures’ emotions, thoughts, and enchanted conditions. The power used to harm the opponent’s mind and gain info about it completely.

Power Word Stun

By casting power word stun wizard spell, you speak a word of power that can overwhelm the mind of one creature. When the target hits 150 points or less than that, it is stunning.


Sunburst wizard spell causes a globe of searing radiance to explode silently from a selected point. In this spell, all creatures in the globe are blinded and it takes 6d6 points of damage.


This wizard spell helps you to create a telepathic link between you and a familiar creature. Until the spell ends, you and the creature will be able to share words, images, sound, and another sensory message.


Astral Projection

Astral projection wizard spell allows you to project an astral body onto another plane altogether by freeing your spirit from your physical body. You can bring the astral forms of other willing creatures with you which will provide that these subjects are linked in a circle with you at the time of the casting.


This wizard spell grants you a powerful sixth sense in which relation to yourself or another. You receive instant warnings of threatening danger or harm to the subject of the spell. This bonus is lost whenever you would lose DEX bonus to AC.


If you are casting a gate wizard spell, then it has two effects. First, it creates a connection between your plan and your plane existence which allows you to travel between those directions. Second is you can invite any creature to pass through the gate.


By casting imprisonment spell, you create a magical restraint to hold a creature that you can see within range. This wizard spell target must succeed on a WIS saving throw or if it succeeds then you will gain immune to this spell.

Meteor Swarm

From this meteor swarm wizard spell, you can see the four different points to the fire plummet orbs to the ground. When the creature is placed at a 40ft radius, then it makes DEX saving throw. On a failed save, the creature takes 20d6 fire damage and bludgeoning damage.

Power Word Kill

By casting power word kill wizard spell, you speak a word of power that can kill the creature within the range. When the target hits 100 points or less than that, it will die.

Psychic Scream

You can change the power of your mind which intellect up to ten creatures of your choice that you can see within range. And those wizard spell creatures have an Intelligence score of 2 or less than 2 are unaffected.


You can assume and form the different creatures until the duration ends. You can form any creature with a challenge rating that is equal to your level or lower. From this wizard spell, you can transform creature with an average example of that creature without any class levels or spellcasting trait.

Time Stop

By yourself, you can cease the time to flow for everyone. This wizard spell makes the other creatures to stay in a frozen state, so no one can harm you. But the normal magical cold, fire, gas will harm you like before.

True Polymorph

True polymorph wizard spell transforms any creature that you can see within range into a new form. An unwilling creature will make a WIS saving throw to avoid the effect. The shapechanger automatically succeeds in saving throw.


This wizard spell is pretty cool. It literally creates a nightmare to the target you choose. On casting this spell, it draws all the deepest fears of a group of creatures and creates an illusory creature in their minds. And these illusory creatures are only visible to them.

Final Words:

The above wizard spells list shows you how many spells are there and you have to cast your spells from 1st level to 9th level. The temptation of knowledge and power calls even the wildest wizards from the safety of their libraries and laboratories ruins the lost cities.

Most wizards spells believe that their colleagues from ancient civilizations knew the secrets of magic that were lost forever and those who discovered these secrets will be able to own forces that are inaccessible in this century where wizards live and die with their spells. Everything else is secondary. To learn the spell from the above list and get more experience.

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