DND Ranger Spells 5e List [All Levels + Table]

About Ranger Spells:

Rangers spells acquire the ability to cast the spells which harness nature’s power like druid does. This spell has combat abilities, speed, stealth, and hunt. The ranger spells will deadly focus on the grim task of protecting the borderlands.

There are some warriors of the wilderness and rangers who specialize in hunting monsters that threaten the edges of civilization like monstrosities, humanoid raiders, rampaging beasts, deadly dragons, and terrible giants. Rangers spells learn to track their quarry as a predator and moving stealthily through the wilds and hiding in brush and rubble.

Ranger Spells – Hit Points:

  • Hit Dice: 1d10 per ranger level
  • Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + your CON mod
  • Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + your CON mod per ranger level after 1st.


wdt_ID Level Name Casting Time School Range Components Duration Attack/Save Damage/Effect
1 1st Absorb Elements 1 Reaction * Abjuration Self S 1 Round None  Acid (...)
2 1st Alarm 1 Minute  Abjuration 30 ft V, S, M * 8 Hours None Detection
3 1st Animal Friendship 1 Action Enchantment 30 ft V, S, M * 24 Hours WIS Save  Charmed
4 1st Beast Bond 1 Action Divination Touch V, S, M * Concentration 10 Minutes None Buff (...)
5 1st Cure Wounds 1 Action Evocation Touch V, S Instantaneous None Healing
6 1st Detect Magic 1 Action  Divination Self (30 ft ) V, S Concentration 10 Minutes None Detection
7 1st Detect Poison and Disease  1 Action  Divination Self (30 ft ) V, S, M * Concentration 10 Minutes None Detection
8 1st Ensnaring Strike 1 Bonus Action - Self - 1 Minute STR Save Piercing
9 1st Fog Cloud 1 Action Conjuration 120 ft (20 ft ) V, S Concentration 1 Hour None Control (...)
10 1st Goodberry 1 Action Transmutation Touch V, S, M * Instantaneous None Healing



Absorb Elements

The absorb elements ranger spells helps you to capture some of the energy which lessening effect on you and storing it for your next melee attack. You have the resistance to the triggering damage until the start of your next turn.


You can set an alarm against unwanted intrusion and you can choose a window, door or any other place which you can see within range. Until the spell duration ends, the alarm alerts you whenever tiny or larger creature touches or enters your area.

Animal Friendship

This animal friendship ranger spell helps you to convince a beast that you mean it no harm. Choose a beast that is near you and which can see and hear you.

Beast Bond

One of these ranger spells, establish a telepathic link with one beast that you can touch that is friendly to you. That beast can understand your telepathic messages to it, and it can telepathically communicate with simple emotions and concepts back to you.

Cure Wounds

From the cure wounds ranger spells, the creature you touch will regain a lot of hit points which is equal to 1d8+ with your spell-casting ability modifier. If it is used on an undead creature, instead it takes 3d10 radiant damage. This ranger spell has no effect or constructs.

Detect Magic

If you can sense the magic in this way, then you can use your action to see a faint aura that is surrounded by any visible creature or object in the area that bears magic. This ranger spell can penetrate most barriers when it is blocked by 1 inch of metal, 3 feet of wood or dirt, 1 foot stone and thin sheets of lead.

Detect Poison And Disease

By using this ranger spell you can identify the poisonous creatures, location of poisons and diseases within 30ft range. The detect poison and disease ranger spells can penetrate most barriers, but it is blocked by 1 inch of metal, 3 feet of wood or dirt, 1 foot stone and thin sheets of lead.

Ensnaring Strike

When you hit a creature with a weapon and it attacks the spell before ends. The writhing mass of thorny vines appears at the point of impact and the target must succeed on a Strength saving throw.

Fog Cloud

You can create a 20ft sphere of fog which is centered on a point within range. The fog sphere spreads around corners and its area is heavily obscured. This ranger spell lasts for the duration until the greater speed of wind spreads over everywhere.


By using goodberry ranger spells, you will get up to ten berries in your hand which is infused with magic. Eating one berry restores 1 hit point and the berry provides you enough nourishment to sustain a creature for a day.

Hail Of Thorns

From hail of thorns ranger spells, you hit a creature with a ranged weapons attack before the spell duration ends. This ranger spells creates thorns that sprout from your ranged weapon or bullets.

Hunter S Mark

By Hunter S Mark ranger spells, you can choose a creature that you can see within range and mystically mark it as your quarry. Until the duration ends, you can deal an extra 1d6 damage to the target whenever you hit it with a weapon attack and you have an advantage on any WIS saving throw.


You can touch any creature until the spell ends the creature will jump triple the distance than the normal. This ranger spell duration is one minute.


When you can touch any creature, the target speed increases by 10 feet until the spell ends. This ranger spells duration is one hour.

Speak With Animals

By using speak with animals ranger spells, you can ask any questions and receive answers from animals, but this spell doesn’t make you friendly with beasts. If any animal is friendly toward you, then it may do some favor or service for you. These beasts can give you information about nearby monsters and locations.


Animal Messenger

By means of this ranger spell, you can use any tiny animals to deliver a message. You can force any tiny animals to go to a spot you select. The most common use for this ranger spell is to get an animal to carry a message to your companions.


This barkskin ranger spells toughens a creature's skin. This enhancement bonus provided by barkskin assemble with the targets natural protection bonus, but not with other enhancement bonuses to natural protection.

Beast Sense

Until the duration of the ranger spells ends, you can use your action to see through the beast’s eyes and hear what it hears. While you are perceiving through the beast’s senses, then you will gain the benefits of any special senses which is possessed by that creature, even though you are blinded and deafened to your own surroundings.


By this ranger spell, you can touch any willing creature to allow the ability to see in the dark. This spell helps to see in total darkness within 60 feet range.

Find Traps

This find traps ranger spells helps to sense the presence of traps within the sight. It will identify the area affected by the alarm spell, mechanical pit trap, and glyph of warding but it won't reveal a hidden sinkhole, unstable ceiling or natural weakness on the floor. By using this ranger spell you do not know where all the traps are located, but you will learn the nature of each trap.

Lesser Restoration

By this ranger spell, you can touch a creature that is affected by any disease. The condition can be, the creature should be blind, deaf, paralyzed or poisoned.

Locate Animals Or Plants

By using this ranger spell, you can locate any kind of beast or plant. You can identify the direction and distance to the closest plant or creature that is located within 5 miles.

Locate Object

Using locate object ranger spells, you can sense the direction of the object location within thousand feet from you and in case if the object is moving, then you will know the direction of its movement. And also you can't locate an object if there are any thin sheets, lead or blocks between you and the object.

Pass Without Trace

This ranger spell has a veil of shadows and silence that radiates from you, masking you and your companions from detection. It is one of the ranger spells which do not leave any footprints or a scent trail while moving.

Protection From Poison

By using this ranger spells, you can touch a creature even if it is poisoned because you have the ability to neutralize the poison. Until the duration ends, you can save the throws against being poisonous.


Until the duration ends there will be no sound and you can pass through a 20ft radius on a point you choose within range.

Spike Growth

The spike growth ranger spells can be cast in any outdoor place except ice, heavy snow, open water, sandy desert, or bare stone. Any moving creatures go through the spell’s area takes 1d4 points of piercing damage for each 5ft movement through the spiked area.


Conjure Animals

Conjure animals ranger spells summon fey spirits which take the form of beasts and it appears in unoccupied spaces where you can see within range. These beasts will obey your verbal commands and it will be friendly to you and your companions.

Conjure Barrage

By using conjure barrage ranger spells, you can throw a non-magical weapon that creates a cone of identical weapons. The creatures within 60ft cone must succeed on a DEX saving throw.


By using the daylight ranger spells, you choose the point of the object where the object will shed bright light in a 60ft radius. This ranger spell brought magical darkness and overlaps the light conditions in areas of effect. It counters any darkness which is equal or lower.

Flame Arrows

The flame arrows ranger spells allows you to turn crossbow bolts, arrows and sling stones into fire projectiles. This flaming missile can easily fire a flammable object but when it strikes, it won't fire a creature.

Lightning Arrow

The lightning arrow ranger spells makes a ranged weapon which attacks until the spell duration ends. Instead of weapon damage, you can make the attack roll as normal and the target takes 4d8 lightning damage.


Non-detection ranger spells hide a target which can you touch from divination magic. You can target any willing creature which you see within 10ft and those targets cannot be noticed if it is through magical scrying sensors.

Plant Growth

This ranger spell gives medium energy into plants within a specific area. There will be two possible uses for the spell, allowing either immediate or long-term advantages. This spell has no effect on plant creatures.

Protection from Energy

It is a temporary immunity spell and if any creature makes damage to you, then this ranger spell will guard you. You will protect from lightning, acid, thunder, cold or fire.

Speak with Plants

By using this ranger spell, you can communicate with normal plant creatures and you can ask any question to them, if it knew the answer then it will explain it briefly.

Water Breathing

This ranger spell grants up to ten willing creatures what you can see within range and it gives the ability to breathe underwater until the spell duration ends. The affected creatures also retain their regular mode of respiration.

Water Walk

This ranger spell gives the ability to move across any liquid surface–such as acid, water, snow, mud, quicksand and lava–as if it were harmless solid ground.

Wind Wall

The wind wall ranger spells makes a strong wall where wind rises from the ground within range. You can make the wall up to 50 feet long, 15 feet high, and 1 foot thick. You can shape the wall and it makes a continuous path along the ground.


Conjure Woodland Beings

The conjure woodland beings ranger spells can roll the initiative for the creatures as a group, which has its own turns. The gathered creatures behave friendly to you and your companions & it obeys all your verbal commands.

Freedom of Movement

This ranger spell helps you or any creature to move and attack normally even under the paralysis, solid fog and web. And it allows moving normally in underwater even it is slashing with weapons like swords and axes.

Grasping Vine

When you cast this ranger spells, you can direct the vine and it kicks out the creature within 30ft of it that you can see. The creature must succeed on a DEX saving throw or it can be pulled at least 20ft directly towards the vine.

Locate Creature

Locate Object ranger spells used to identify the creature and also it shows the direction of the creature within the range. This spell cannot identify the creature which is in water.


By using stoneskin ranger spells, if you are touching any creature then its flesh of a willing creature turn as hard as stone. Until the stoneskin ranger spell ends, the target has resistance to non-magical hammer, knife, and severe damage.


Commune With Nature

By using this ranger spell, You instantly gain knowledge of up to three facts of your choice about any of the following subjects as they relate to the area like ground, plants, water, people, presence of woodland creatures, unnatural creatures, or even the general state of the natural setting.

Conjure Volley

By casting conjure volley ranger spells, you can use a ranged weapon and non-magical weapon through the air within the range. Each creature can make DEX saving throw in a 40ft radius and 20ft high cylinder which is centered on the point.

Swift Quiver

The swift quiver ranger spells, you can transfer your quiver into non-magical ammunition which produces endless supply. You can use a bonus action to make these two attacks with a weapon that uses ammunition from the quiver.

Tree Stride

By this ranger spells, you will gain the ability to enter a tree and move inside another tree of the same kind within 500 feet range. And those both trees must be living and at least the same size as you. You must use 5ft of the movement to enter a tree.

Final Words:

The above ranger spells list shows you how many spells are there and you have to cast your spells from 1st level to 5th level. Rangers spells are specialize in hunting the monsters and it will threaten the edges of civilization. These ranger spells reach out through their magical connection to nature and they gather a host of fey spirits.

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