Danse Macabre 5e [Features And Explanation]

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Danse Macabre 5e





60 Feet




V, S 


​Concentration, up to 1 hour


Casting Time:

1 Action

Damage Type:

Classes Using Danse Macabre 5e Spells

What Do The Danse Macabre 5e Spells Do?

On casting Danse Macabre 5e spell, threads of dark power leap from your fingers to pierce up to 5 Small or Medium corpses you will see within range. When you cast danse macabre 5e, it will affect up to 5 corpses within 60 feet (18 meters) will be reanimated as undead. This spell helps the caster to command the creatures. 

On command, each corpse will immediately stand up and becomes undead. You opt whether it's a zombie or a skeleton (the statistics for zombies and skeletons are within the Monster Manual). the creatures gain a bonus to its attack and damage rolls adequate to your spell casting ability modifier.

You will use a bonus action to mentally command the creatures you create with this spell, issuing an equivalent command to them. To receive your command, the creature must be within 60 feet from you. the creature's action will be based on your command, what action the creatures will take, and where they are going to move during their next turn. Otherwise, you can issue a general command, like to protect a chamber or passageway against your enemies.

If you don't issue any commands, the creatures do nothing except defend themselves against hostile creatures. Once given an order, the creatures still follow it until their task is complete. The creatures will remain under your control until the spell expires, after which they become inanimate another time. When the spell expired, the spell was lifted, and therefore the undead collapsed, becoming corpses another time.

On casting this spell at higher levels, like employing a spell slot of 6th level or higher, you animate up to 2 additional corpses for every slot level above 5th.

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