Crown Of Stars 5e [Features And Explanation]

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Crown of Stars 5e









V, S


​1 Hour

Casting Time:

1 Action

Damage Type:


Classes Using Crown of Stars 5e Spells

What Do The Crown of Stars 5e Spells Do?

Crown of Stars, one among the foremost frequently used spells by warlocks of the star pact, Crown of Stars, one among the foremost frequently used spells by warlocks of the star pact, though other warlocks may learn its power. Crown of stars, on casting, conjures a circle of small, star-like orbs that circle the top of the caster.

On the command of a warlock, the glowing spheres throw a beam of burning fire, energy-powered largely by the warlock's charisma at a target within fifty feet or, with a touch more concentration on the warlock's part, two targets. If one among the creatures is badly injured it's even possible that the attack may momentarily blind them.

After this moment, however, the crown of stars fades away and can't be retained for a minimum of another day. The spell required verbal and somatic components.

Seven star-like motes of sunshine appear and orbit your head until the spell ends. You will use an additional bonus action to send one among the motes that streaking toward one creature or object within 120 feet from you. Once this happens, cast a ranged spell attack. The target on hit takes 4d12 radiant damage. It doesn't matter whether you hit or miss, the mote will be expended.

The spell ends early when you make use of the last mote. When there is four or more motes remaining, they create a bright light during a 30-foot radius and faded light for a further 30 feet. If you've got one to 3 motes remaining, they shed dim light during a 30—foot radius.

Once you cast this spell at higher levels, employing a spell slot of 8th level or higher, the amount of motes created increases by two for every slot level above 7th.

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