Best DND Dice You Should Buy | Types & How To Play Guide

What is DND Dice?

If you are a gamer, you have definitely come across a term, DND Dice. And probably you might have one. If you don’t, you might be wondering what is special about DND Dice. Well, It’s not just a normal dice. It is a special dice available in different shapes and there are seven basic shapes. In this article, we will share what makes DND Dice so special? And The BEST DND DICE and DICE SETS – A Special guide for a new buyer.

Most of the tabletop players don’t care much about the dice they are using. While some others may see this as the critical issue. You might be wondering what’s so special in it? Well, it’s just the Accuracy and fairness of the dice. There are few other factors like quality, style, readability, and budget.


To save you from the trouble we have analyzed all the DND Dice and its set for its perfection. And we found that only a few dice pass the test with flying colors. Here is the list of Best DND Dice and Dice sets.

Types Of DND Dice

Before proceeding to the best DND dice, let me explain the types of DND dice available out there.


Theoretically, there are seven dice available. Each one with different shapes and sides. Depending on the number of sides the dice are named as D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20.


The most used dice is D20. D12 dice in not used in the gameplay, except for some damage rolls. Whereas D10 and D8 are used to determine the damage done. D6 is the only normal dice.

Best DND Dice - A Detailed Review 2019

Our list includes some of the best DND Dice. We sorted some of the best DND Dice from the top twenty. So you will be viewing the best DND Dice.

Some of the best Dice makers are Gamescience, Chessex, and Q Workshop. These makers dominate our list with their creations. In addition to that are some new brands performing pretty well.

1. Smart Deals Pro DND Dice Sets (5 x 7-Die)

Best D&D Dice

It has a 5 set of standard DND Dies. These dice are known for their precision and accuracy.


Dice are made of acrylic material with golden numbers written on it. Acrylic material withstands wear and tear. Thus long life is guaranteed.

If you are a new user this set is for you. And as a piece of suggestion, this is only for beginners.

2. Game Science Dice Set

Best D&D Dice

If you are a pro gamer, you might have heard about these dice sets. Gamescience dice dominates the tabletop games. The only reason it acquired a second spot is due to its price. Its been there since the late ’70s.

This is the best dice for accuracy. The dice is available in mono colors. And they are not painted. This is mainly due to the fact that multi colors or painting a dice may give poor accuracy.

If you are a pro gamer, this set if for you. The dice set is available as transparent and opaque sets. The numbers are etched in the perfect size. If you are using a transparent dice, the numbers lack visibility.

Tip: Don’t use anything to darken the numbers, it might have an impact on the accuracy.

3. Haxtec Antique Iron Metal Dice Set

Best D&D Dice

Looking for the best dice in the long run? Here is an antique style Iron dice set. The classy make of the dice makes it evergreen.

It has a polyhedral dice set which can be used for most of the tabletop games. You can use the same dice for DND, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Savage World, Warhammer, Yahtzee and most of the card games.

Since the dice are made of metal they are pretty heavy and solid. In addition to this, it also has a fluorescence coating which allows it to glow in the dark.

Caution: Be wary of sharp edges while rolling.

4. QMAY DND Dice Set

Best D&D Dice

Annoyed at losing dice, here is a special offer for you. Get 20 sets of DND Dice for the price of 3 sets. Compared to the quality of other dice, it’s bit low.

The make of the dice is descent. The pack consists of 20nos of 7 polyhedral dice set. The color may fade a bit in the long run. Its is the best value for money.

You can use the same dice for most of the tabletop games. If you are playing a lot of table games at once, its the best deals for you.

5. Hestya 7 Pieces Metal Dices Set

Best D&D Dice

Unlike other metal dice, Hestya dices are coated with Zinc alloy for smoothness and long life. In addition to this, they are available in different fluorescent colors.

The dice is solid with vivid colors. Zinc alloy with enamel coating allows dice to be rust-free and it prevents decoloring of dice. All the dice are perfectly balanced.

These are the top 5 DND Dice sets. There are a lot more Dice sets, but we find these dice are perfectly balanced and guaranteed for long life. If you are not satisfied these sets of dice, you can choose the set for yourself. There are a few factors to be considered before selecting the dice.

Factors To Be Considered Before Selecting The Dice

There are a few main factors you need to be considered before selecting a Dice. Few of the most important factor is accuracy and fairness. As the second factor, you need to consider quality, aesthetic and budget.

Personal opinion also plays an important role in selecting the best DND Dice. Some user may prefer to a beautiful dice over a perfect one. Here is the list of factors you need to consider before selecting the best DND Dice Set.


This is the foremost important factor. The dice should be accurate in all the sides and the center of mass should be perfectly balanced. To check this, you need an electronic Vernier Caliper.

Just measure the sides to confirm its accuracy. To check the balancing of the dice you can use the “Saltwater Test”. By the end of the test, you can confirm the accuracy of your dice. Never ever compromise on the accuracy of the Dice.


The fairness of a Dice comes to the number of sides and the number of vertices. When a polyhedral dice rolls, only a few shapes are capable of resting on all sides, making it a perfect dice.

For instance, Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, and Icosahedron are fair for a dice roll. Which means the other shapes are not a perfect dice technically. This assumption is made on basic mathematics.

While buying a best DND dice set, make sure the edges are smoothened. In addition to that never color or add anything to the dice like paint or something. It will affect the fairness and accuracy of the die.


The quality of the dice depends on the material its made of. Most of the dice are made of acrylic or Metal. Acrylic dies are low cost and wear easily. Based on the brand some of the dice are perfectly balanced and good to use. On the other hand, metal dice are robust and costly.

They don’t wear that easily. Depending on the quality of the dice, the duration may be determined. If the metal dice are not chemically treated, it might get oxidized and leads to rust formation in the long run.

To prevent this, most of the metal dice are treated with Zinc alloy to provide long life and smooth edges. Make sure to check this factor before selecting the best DND Dice.


​The irony of the cost is, you can buy 10 sets of dice of the cost of the single branded one! So the decision is yours. what the dice is to you? If it’s just a play for time pass, you can go for the acrylic one.

Or if you are a pro, you can go for the metallic one to impress your friends. End of the day, the choice is yours. Make sure to choose the better one!

To prevent this, most of the metal dice are treated with Zinc alloy to provide long life and smooth edges. Make sure to check this factor before selecting the best DND Dice.

Final Words

This the overview of the Best DND Dice set and a simple guide to select the best Dice set. We hope the article is clear. If you are facing any issue with your current dice, make sure to let us know in the comment section. We would be glad to solve the issue.

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