DND Bard Spells 5e List [All Levels + Table]

About Bard Spells:

Bard Spells is a character that you can use if your master permits. He makes his life’s journey through his charm, talent and intelligence. A good bard should have a lively tongue, a light heart and fast legs. Bard Spells rarely settle for a long time in one place, and their natural desire for wanderings is associated with the search for new tales, learning new skills and opening new horizons, which makes the career of an adventurer for them a natural calling.

Although he fights like a rogue, he can use any weapon. He can wear any armor like chain mail, but cannot use a shield. All bards are skilled singers, performers or vocalists and own a musical instrument of their choice. If a skill system is used, you can master additional tools – a bard can learn to play two instruments for each spent skill area.

Bard Spells – Hit Points:

  • Hit Dice: 1d8 per bard level.
  • Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + your CON mod.
  • Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + your CON mod per bard level after 1st.

bard spells list

wdt_ID Level Name Casting Time School Range Components Duration Attack/Save Damage/Effect
1 Cantrip Blade Ward 1 Action Self 1 Round Combat (...)
2 Cantrip Dancing Lights 1 Action Evocation 120 ft V, S, M * Concentration 1 Minute None Utility
3 Cantrip Friends 1 Action 1 Minute Self Buff (...)
4 Cantrip Light 1 Action Evocation Touch (20 ft  *) V, M * 1 Hour DEX Save Creation (...)
5 Cantrip Mage Hand 1 Action Conjuration 30 ft V, S 1 Minute None Utility
6 Cantrip Mending 1 Minute Transmutation Touch V, S, M * Instantaneous None Utility
7 Cantrip Message 1 Action Transmutation 120 ft V, S, M * 1 Round None Communication (...)
8 Cantrip Minor Illusion 1 Action Illusion 30 ft (5 ft  *) S, M * 1 Minute None Control
9 Cantrip Prestidigitation 1 Action Transmutation 10 ft V, S 1 Hour None Utility
10 Cantrip Thunderclap 1 Action Evocation 5 ft S Instantaneous CON Save  Thunder




Blade Ward

With this bard spell, you can stretch your hand and trace Warding Sigil in the breeze to protect your buildings from demons. Till the end of your next chance, you will have resistivity against piercing, bludgeoning, and slashing harm that can be tackled by the weapon attack.

Dancing Lights

In this Bard spell, you can make a massive torch-sized light within its specified range. It looks similar to the torch, the lantern that hovers in the wind for 1 minute.  Even, you can merge the 4 lights into one mid-sized luminous form. Moreover, you can make use of these lights, but each will cast very dim or dark light in a 10-foot radius.


Until your creature duration ends, you have an advantage on all charisma checks directed at one creature based on your choice which isn’t hostile toward you. When this bard spells ends, the creature realizes that you used magic to influence its mood.


Touch the object which is no longer than 10 feet in any dimension. Until the duration ends, the object will shed bright light in a 20ft radius and also shed dim light for an additional 20ft. This Bard spell action ends when you dismiss it or cast it again.  If you are decided to target an object which is worn by the combative creature, then the creature must succeed on a DEX Save which helps to avoid the damage spell.

Mage Hand

In this Bard spell, the floating and spectral hand appears at a point within the range and it lasts until the duration ends. You can use the hand to manipulate the object, unlock your container or door and you can retrieve an item from an open container.


Mending bard spells repairs all the magic items and constructs the objects such as broken keys, broken chain links, leaking wineskin, and torn cloak. But this spell can restore the magic item but it will help to repair it.


Point your finger towards a creature within the specified range and whisper a message. Your target will hear your message and reply in a husky voice that only you can hear. In case, if you are acquainted with your goal, you can cast this bard spells via solid objects.  This spell doesn’t require to follow a straight line, can travel peacefully around every corner or through openings.

Minor Illusion

From minor illusion bard spells, you can create any sound or image of an object within the range. You can create your voice, other creatures voice, a lion’s roar, drums sound or you can choose any other sound. This illusion lasts until the duration ends.


Prestidigitation bard spells enables you to perform magical effects for one hour. These magical effects are minor and it has severe limitations. And it does not have any power to duplicate other spell effects.


By using thunderclap bard spells, you can create a burst of thunderous sound which can be heard 100 feet away. When the target is failed to save, then the creature takes 1d6 thunder damage.

True Strike

Extend your hand and point a finger at a target within range. Your magic gives you a brief insight into the target’s defences. And on your next turn, from this bard spell, you gain advantage on your first attack roll against the target.

Vicious Mockery

Unleash a string of attacks adorned with smart enhancements at a creature within the specified range. If your target hears you, it should survive on a wisdom saving flip or take 1d4 psychic harm. As well, these bard spells has some disadvantages on the next attack before it ends.



Animal Friendship

This animal friendship bard spell helps you to convince a beast which you mean it no harm. Choose a beast which is near you and which can see and hear you.


If your target fails when you are saving throw which makes an attack roll or saving throw before the spell ends, then the target must roll a d4 and it will subtract the number which is rolled from saving throw or attack roll.

Charm Person

You can attempt to allure humanoid which you can see within range. The allure creature regards you as a friendly acquaintance. When this bard spells duration ends, then it knows it has been charmed.

Comprehend Languages

By using this bard spell, you will understand the spoken words of creatures or you are able to read comprehensible written messages. It enables you to understand or read an unknown language.

Cure Wounds

From the cure wounds bard spells, the creature you touch will regain a lot of hit points which is equal to 1d8+ with your spell-casting ability modifier. If it is used on an undead creature, instead it takes 3d10 radiant damage. This bard spell has no effect or constructs.

Detect Magic

If you can sense the magic in this way, then you can use your action to see a faint aura which is surrounded by any visible creature or object in the area that bears magic. This bard spell can penetrate most barriers when it is blocked by 1 inch of metal, 3 feet of wood or dirt, 1 foot stone and thin sheets of lead.

Disguise Self

By disguise self, you can choose your own clothing, own armor, own weapons and more equipment of yours. But you are not able to change your body size, it remains the same.

Dissonant Whispers

With this bard spell, you can whisper a dissonant tune that only one creature of your choice will hear within the range, racking with dreadful pain. Your target or aim can create a Wisdom saving hurl. If it fails to save, it takes 3d6 bard harm and should immediately use its reaction. Your creature will not move into a dangerous field, such as pit or fire. On a successful save, your target takes half as much harm and don’t require to move away.

Earth Tremor

This bard spell causes an earthquake in the ground about 10ft radius. Except you, every creature in that area must make a DEX saving throw. When it is failed save then the creature takes 1d6 strikes damage.

Faerie Fire

According to your choice and time of casting, the faerie fire bard spells can be green, blue or violet. Until the duration ends, the objects and affected creatures shed dim light in a 10-foot radius. And it does not cause any harm to the objects or creatures.

Feather Fall

In this Bard spell,  opt any five falling objects within its range. Till the end of this spell, the object’s falling rate will be lowered to 60ft per turn. If the falling creature lands the ground before the spell ends, it takes no falling harm and can land on its feet, spell ends for that falling creature.

Healing Word

A creature of your choice which you can see within the range reclaim hit points which are equal to 1d4+ with your spellcasting ability modifier. And this bard spell has no effect on constructs or undead.


By using heroism bard spells, you can touch any creature and it will be imbued with bravery. It gives great morale and bravery in battle.


Opt an object and trace the casting of the spell. If it is a magic term, you can learn how the object can be used and what are its properties. Further, you can check whether any spells are impacting your creature and what they are.

Illusory Script

By using this bard spell, you can write on paper or some other writing material and imbue it with a potent illusion that lasts for the duration. You can create any creature by your writing and the spell lasts until the duration ends.


When you can touch any creature, the target speed increases by 10 feet until the spell ends. This bard spell duration is one hour.

Silent Image

The silent image bard spells can create the image of an object, creature or another visible phenomenon that is no larger than a 15-ft cube. And the images are purely visual, but it does not accompany by smell, sound or any other sensory effects.  When the spell ends, these images will disappear.


By casting a sleep bard spells, it causes a magical slumber to the creatures. The creatures which have the lowest Hit Dice(HD) points will get affected first. From casting this spell, you cannot target any undead and unconscious creatures.

Speak With Animals

By using speak with animals bard spells, you can ask any questions and receive answers from animals, but this spell doesn’t make you friendly with beasts. If any animal is friendly toward you, then it may do some favor or service for you. These beasts can give you information about nearby monsters and locations.

Tasha's Hideous Laughter

In this bard spell, your chosen creature will be seen within the range and comprehends everything as amusingly funny. Your target should accomplish on a Wisdom saving hurl. It becomes helpless and unable to hold up for the duration. At the end of each turn, it takes harm, and your target can make another saving hurl.


This bard spell can wave thunderous force which sweeps out from you and the spell emits a thunderous boom which is audible out up to 300 feet.

Unseen Servant

An unseen servant bard spells is a shapeless and invisible force that obeys your command. It will do all the commands which are given by you like opening the doors, holding chairs, fetching things, cleaning and so on.


Animal Messenger

By means of this bard spell, you can use any tiny animals to deliver a message. You can force any tiny animals to go to a spot you select. The most common use for this bard spell is to get an animal to carry a message to your companions.

Blindness / Deafness

In this bard spell, you have to choose one creature which you can see within range, it makes a Constitution saving throw. If it fails, then target for either deaf or blind until the duration gets over. Because in the end, each target makes the Constitution saving throw. When success hits, then spell ends.

Calm Emotions

By using this bard spell, you can make a target unconcerned creature of your choice. This unconcerned creature ends when the target is harmed or attacked by a spell. And when the spell ends, the creature becomes combative again.

Cloud Of Daggers

By using this bard spell, you can fill the air with spinning daggers in a cube 5 ft on each side which is centered on a point within range. When the creature enters the spell area for the first time, then it takes 4d4 slashing damage.

Crown Of Madness

From the crown of madness bard spells, you can select the humanoid based on your choice which you can see within range. It must succeed on a WIS saving throw or it is charmed by you until the duration ends.

Detect Thoughts

This bard spell helps to read the minds of other creatures and you can use this power until the duration ends. You can focus on any creature which is present within 30ft around you.

Enhance Ability

You can touch a creature in a magical enhancement. Choose one of the following effects and your target will gain effect until the bard spells ends.
- Bear’s Endurance has an advantage in Constitution checks. It also gains 2d6 temporary hit points and it will lose when the spell ends.
- Bull’s Strength has an advantage in strength checks.
- Cat’s Grace has an advantage on Dexterity checks and also it doesn’t take damage from falling 20ft.
- Eagle’s Splendor has an advantage in Charisma checks.
- Fox’s Cunning has an advantage in Intelligence checks.
- Owl’s Wisdom has an advantage in Wisdom checks.


By using an enthrall bard spell, you can hold the attention of other creatures. To cast this spell, you must sing or speak without any interruption for 1 full round. The affected creature from any race or religion will behave unfriendly to you to get +4 bonus on the saving throw.

Heat Metal

This bard spell helps to choose a manufactured metal object such as a metal weapon or medium metal armor which you can see within range. You can cause the object to glow red-hot and when you cast the heat metal bard spell any creature in physical contact with the object takes 2d8 fire damage.

Hold Person

The hold person bard spells helps you to choose a humanoid that you can see within the 60ft range. The target must succeed when wisdom saving throw or it will be paralyzed until the duration ends. At the end of the turn, the target can make another wisdom which is saving throw. When you hit success, then bard spell ends.


A creature or object you touch becomes invisible until the duration ends. The target which you wear or carry is invisible as long as it is on the target’s person.


Opt a creature within your range that might be either a door, a chest, a box or any other object that contains a marvelous means that forestalls access. An object or creature that is stuck or blockaded will become unbarred. Further, if your object has multiple locks, only one of them will be unlocked with the help of this bard spell.

Lesser Restoration

By this bard spells, you can touch a creature that is affected by any disease. The condition can be, the creature should be blind, deaf, paralyzed or poisoned.

Locate Animals Or Plants

By using this bard spell, you can locate any kind of beast or plant. You can identify the direction and distance to the closest plant or creature that is located within 5 miles.

Locate Object

You have to describe or name of an object that is very much familiar to you. You can sense the direction of the object location within thousand feet from you and in case if the object is moving, then you will know the direction of its movement. And also you can't locate an object if there are any thin sheets, lead or blocks between you and the object.

Magic Mouth

This bard spell saturates the chosen creature with an enthralled mouth that abruptly appears and whisper its message when the specified event occurs. Eventually, determine the circumstance that will initiate the bard spell to render your message.  When this happens, a magical mouth will appear on the creature and sends you the message similar to your voice and sound.

Melf's Acid Arrow

A glistening green arrow stripes toward your aim and explodes in the acid spray. Make a ranged bard spells onslaught against your target. On one smash, your target takes 4d4 acid harm instantly and 2d4 acid harm at the end of targets’ next turn. On one miss, the arrow splashes the target with acid as much of the initial harm and there will be no harm at the end of its next turn.

Phantasmal Force

Phantasmal force bard spells can craft an illusion in the mind of a creature that you can see within range. And the target makes an Intelligence saving throw and when the throw is failed then you can create a phantasmal creature, object and any other visible phenomenon.


Select an area of flame that fits your range. With this bard spell, eliminate the fire in that area, and create fireworks or smoke.
1. Firework - Your target that detonates with impressive display colours. Each creature that is within the range can succeed on a constitution saving hurls until your next turn.
2. Smoke - A Thick black smoke propagates out from your target in the specified radius, moves around each corner.


Shatter bard spells creates a loud noise that breaks brittle and non-magical objects like sunders solid or damages a crystalline creature.


Until the duration ends there will be no sound and you can pass through a 20ft radius on a point you choose within range.


By skywrite bard spells, you can cause up to ten words and those words appears like it is made up of cloud and remains in place until the spell duration ends. If the strong winds disperse the clouds and then the spell ends early.


You can suggest a course of activity and you can magically influence a creature which you can see within range that can hear and understand you. This bard spell creatures which can’t be charmed are immune to this effect.

Warding Wind

This bard spell strong wind blows up to 20 miles per hour which around you in a 10ft radius and it moves with you, remaining centered on you. They will last until the duration ends.

Zone Of Truth

You can create a magical zone that guards against the deception in a 15-foot-radius sphere which centered on a point of your choice within range. Until the spell ends, the creature starts saving Charisma throw. But when you failed to save throws, then the creature can’t speak a deliberate lie in the radius.


Bestow Curse

When you cast this bard spell, you need to choose the nature of the curses like break enchantment, limited wish, miracle, remove curse or wish spell. If you want to end this spell, then use remove the curse.


This bard spell creates an invisible magical sensor that will help to identify the exact location by hearing and seeing. You can create the sensor if the location is familiar or unfamiliar to you, it helps to interact with you.

Dispel Magic

With the help of this bard spells, you can create one creature, magical effect or object within 120ft range. The spells end when the duration gets over.


Fear bard spells creates an illusory mental image of a creature that projects worst fears. Each creature is available in a 30ft cone which must succeed on a WIS saving throw or drop whatever it is holding until the duration ends.

Feign Death

From feign death bard spells you can touch a creature and put it into the affected state. When you casting the spell, if the target is poisoned or diseased, until the spends, there will be no effect for disease and poison.

Glyph Of Warding

This powerful glyph harms those pass or enters the warded object or area and also it can trap a box, guard a bridge of passage, ward a portal and so on.

Hypnotic Pattern

By using this hypnotic pattern bard spells, you can create twisting color patterns that weave through the air which inside a 30ft cube within range. The pattern appears for a moment and it vanishes.

Leomund S Tiny Hut

In this bard spell, a 10-foot radius will have an unmovable dome of force bounce into creation around and above your creature. This remains static for a particular duration. Nearly more than 9 objects or creatures can fit inside your dome. You may fail if the dome space comprises a massive creature. Further, you can move freely through your way, if you opt a creature or objects within the dome.

Major Image

By using a major image bard spells, you can create the image of an object which phenomenon is no larger than a 20ft cube. Those images seem completely real including smell, sounds, and temperature which can be appropriate to the thing portrayed.


Non-detection bard spells hides a target that can you touch from divination magic. You can target any willing creature which you see within 10ft and those targets cannot be noticed if it is through magical scrying sensors.

Plant Growth

This bard spell gives medium energy into plants within a specific area. There will be two possible uses for the spell, allowing either immediate or long-term advantages. This spell has no effect on plant creatures.


By using this bard spell, at any distance, you can send a short message to any creature which you are very familiar with. If the creature recognizes your message then it will answer you in a good manner and also your message should be less than 25 words.

Speak With Dead

By using this bard spell, you can speak with dead corpses based on your choice within the 10ft range. You can ask any question to them, if it knew the answer then it will explain it briefly.

Speak With Plants

With the help of this bard spell, you can communicate with normal plant creatures and you can ask any question to them, if it knew the answer then it will explain it briefly.

Stinking Cloud

Create a 20-foot radius sphere of yellow, vile gas centered on a point within its range. In this bard spell,  your target area will be extensively clouded and will be spread around every nook. The objects that are within the cloudy area will make an essential saving hurl against poison at its initial turn. If it fails to save, the object spends its action that turns to twitch and struggling.


This bard spell helps the creature to the ability to understand and speak the language of any intelligent creature. They can speak only one language at a time.



In this bard spell, your chosen creature will hear you and make a wisdom saving hurl. If your aim can’t be charmed, it automatically succeeds on this saving hurl. If it fails to save, your aim will get affected by this spell. You can make use of the bonus action on each of your turn until your spell ends. Each affected target will utilize s much of its movement as possible to mobilize in a direction on its next turn.


This bard spell makes confusion in the target and it makes them unable to determine their actions. Because of the confusion bard spell, many of the creatures lose the target.

Dimension Door

By dimension door bard spells, you can instantly transfer yourself from your current location to any other place within range. You always arrive exactly at the spot – whether by simply visualizing the area or by stating direction.

Freedom Of Movement

This bard spell helps you or any creature to move and attack normally even under the paralysis, solid fog and web. And it allows moving normally in underwater even it is slashing with weapons like swords and axes.

Greater Invisibility

The creature you touch will become invisible until this bard spell ends. Anything your target is carrying or wearing is unseen until it is on the targets’ person.

Hallucinatory Terrain

The Hallucinatory Terrain bard spells can make natural terrain that sounds, look and smell like another sort of natural terrain. The appearance of structures, equipment, and creatures within the area are not changed.

Locate Creature

This bard spell used to Locate Object, you can identify the creature and also it shows the direction of the creature within the range. This spell cannot identify the creature which is in water.


The polymorph bard spells transforms a creature that you can see within range into a new form. An unwilling creature will make a WIS saving throw to avoid the effect. And the shapechanger automatically succeeds on saving throw.


Animate Objects

Animate objects is a command bard spells. You can choose any non-magical objects within 120ft range which are not being carried. For average targets, you can select two objects, for large targets you can select four objects, for huge targets you can select eight objects. Until the duration ends, all the target animates and it becomes a creature, also it hit points will reduce into 0 points.


You can trace a massive or small plant or beast after investing casting time tracing a magical pathway within a valuable gemstone. Your target should have an intelligence of 3 or less. As well, the target has the ability to speak any one of the languages that you know. In case, if your target is a plant, it gains the capacity to move its roots, creepers and so on.

Dominate Person

In this bard spell, caster tries to enchant a humanoid within the range. The creatures that are close to him are batteling and have benefits on the saving hurl.  When your creature is enchanted, the caster has a psychic link with it. The caster can make use of the creature’s action to take exact control of the target. Each time, the target takes harm, it makes a wisdom saving hurl against the spell. If the saving hurl succeeds, the bard spell will end.


You can select any creature as your messenger and you can send a message to others in the form of a dream. At the beginning of the spell, you must identify them by some title that leaves no doubt about your identity.


You can give any command to the creature you choose, maybe it was a short activity that would result in death. If you give a suicidal command, then spell ends.

Greater Restoration

You can inform a creature with positive energy to undo weak effect which surrounded by you. You can reduce the target's difficult level by one, or end one of the negative effects on the target.

Hold Monster

The hold monster bard spells will target the succeed on a WIS saving throw or it will be paralyzed until the duration ends. This bard spell has no effect on undead.

Legend Lore

By using this bard spell, you can name or describe a person, place or object. This spell brings to your mind a brief summary of the significant lore about the things you named.

Mass Cure Wounds

The creature you touch will regain a lot of hit points which is equal to 3d8 + with your spellcasting ability modifier. This bard spell has no effect or constructs.


While you are stable, you will be unseen at the time that an illusory double appears. You can make use of the actions to mobilize your double up to multiply your speed and make it speak, and access them in whatever way you choose. On every turn, you will be provided with a bonus action.

Modify Memory

With this bard spell, you can resize or modify another creature or objects’ memories. The creature that failed to save wisdom hurl will be captivated. When this enchant is active, you can easily affect your opponent’s memories. However, the altered memory will not affect the behavior of the target.

Planar Binding

With this bard spell, you can attempt to bind an elemental, a celestial, a fey, or a friend to your service and those creatures should follow your instructions and you can command them to guard a location, accompany you on an adventure or to deliver a message.

Raise Dead

By using this spell, you can restore life for death creatures. You can raise the creature that has been dead for no longer than 1 day.


You can observe the creature at any distance. If the target succeeds then you will make WIS save throws, the difficulty of the save depends on how well you have knowledge about the target. Instead of targeting a creature, you can choose a location for better points.


The Seeming bard spells will let you transfer the impression of the creatures that appear within your range. A grudging target will make a personal saving hurl. If the save is successful, it will not be affected by the bard spell. The spell hides its physical impression, armor, clothing, and weapons.

Teleportation Circle

On casting these bard spells, you can sketch a circle with a 10ft diameter on the field with sigils that connect your place or location to an everlasting teleportation circle of your pick. A twinkling gateway will be opened within the sketched circle and remains open till the end of your next round.



Until this bard spell duration ends, your eyes become an inky void imbued with dread power. In each round, you can target any living creature which striking it with waves of power. This attack has three effects like comatose, panicked, sickened etc.

Find The Path

It allows you to find the shortest and correct route to a specific fixed location that you are familiar with on the plane of existence. This bard spell ends when you reach the destination or the spell duration ends.

Guards And Wards

This bard spell will let you generate a ward to protect your area. The warded area will nearly tall up to 20ft and can be sized as per your wish. When you opt this bard spell, you can determine the individual creatures that are not affected by the spell. Effects of this spell are:
1. Corridors - all the corridors will be filled with fog and will be extensively concealed.
2. Doors - every door will be locked mysteriously.
3. Stairs - all the stairs will be filled with webs.
4. Other spell effects - you can replace your effects with the spells like dancing light, magic mouth, suggestions, stinking cloud, etc.

Mass Suggestion

The mass suggestion bard spells helps you to suggest a course of activity and it is magically influenced by twelve creatures of your choice which you can see within range that can hear and understand you.

Otto's Irresistible Dance

Opt one object or creature that is available within your range. The target begins it combat by tapping the feet, shuffling, capering for some time. It is a dancing object where you can make use of its all movements.

Programmed Illusion

With this bard spell, you can establish a myth of a creature, an object or some other apparent manifestation within your specified range. This illusionary spell will be untraceable. The creature will not be larger than 30ft cube. If the object recognizes the illusory for what it is, then your object or creature can visualize through the image.

True Seeing

This spell gives you the willing creature which will touch the ability to see things as they actually are. Until the duration ends, the creature has true-sight and notices the secret doors which are hidden by magic.



Etherealness bard spells was a transmutation spell that made the caster travel to the Border ethereal. Until the duration ends, you can move in any direction. If you are moving up or down then every foot of movement costs an extra foot.


By using this bard spell, you create an invisible, immobile, cube-shaped prison which is composed of magical force within range. The prison can be up to 10 feet on size and it creates a solid barrier that prevents any matter from passing through it.

Mirage Arcane

You can make terrain in an area up to 1 mile and however the terrain’s general shape remains the same. Open fields or a road could be made to resemble fenland, foothills, pit, or some other difficult terrain.

Mordenkainen S Magnificent Mansion

You can invoke an extra-dimensional habitation in a particular range until the duration ends. Choose a location where the entrance is housed. The entrance gleams slightly, it is 10ft tall and 5ft wide. When you cast the spell, you can get into the habitation until the portal is open. The portal will be invisible if it is closed.

Mordenkainen's Sword

This bard spell will let you engender a sword modeled plane of force hovers within the range. When your sword emerges, your creature can make a melee attack against the opponent of your choice. You can make use of additional action or bonus effects for each turn until your spell duration ends.

Project Image

You can now create an illusion of your creature that lasts for some duration. This illusion can be visible at any of your locations within the specified range. If the illusory has any harm, your illusion will disappear and the spell will come to an end. Make use of your power to move your illusion twice your speed and make it speak in whichever way you wish.


This bard spell reverses gravity up to 50ft radius and 100ft high cylinder which is centered on a point within range. When you cast this spell all creatures and objects that aren’t somehow anchored to the ground in the area fall upward and reach the top of the area.


Resurrection bard spells neutralizes all the poisons and it cures all normal diseases which afflict the creature when it died. It closes all the mortal wounds and restores missing body parts.


When you cast this spell, you can mark a harmful glyph which is on a surface or within an object that can be closed to the glyph. If the object is moved more than 10 feet from where you cast this spell then the glyph is broken and the spell ends without being triggered.


It is an instantaneous bard spells. With this spell, you can instantly enthrall yourself and the amenable creatures of your option to the destination which you choose. If you aim an object or creature, it should fit inside a 10ft cube. The destination of your choice should be well known to you and should be on the same plane. The familiarity with your desired location will let you know whether you have transformed successfully or not.


Dominate Monster

One of these bard spell, establish a telepathic link with one monster that you can touch that is friendly to you. That monster can understand your telepathic messages and it can telepathically communicate with simple emotions and concepts back to you. If you are friendly to the monster, then you gain an advantage of saving throw.


The Feeblemind bard spells blast the mind of a creature that you can see within range and attempting to shatter its intellect and personality. And the target takes 4d6 psychic damage and it makes an Intelligence saving throw.


Until this bard spell ends, you can make a Charisma check and can replace the number you roll with a 15. In this spell, magic will determine the truth that indicates which you are being truthful.

Mind Blank

If you touch one amenable creature will not affect the psychic harm until the spell terminates. Further, the effects will sense your creature’s emotions, thoughts, and enchanted conditions. The power used to harm the opponent’s mind and gain info about it completely.

Power Word Stun

By casting power word stun bard spells, you speak a word of power that can overwhelm the mind of one creature. When the target hits 150 points or less than that, it is stunning.


Power Word Heal

This healing energy in the bard spell will rinse the object or creature you touch or contact. In this bard spell, the aim reclaims all its hit scores. If the object or creature is enthralled, paralyzed, scared,  and stunned, your spell condition will come to an end. If your creature is inclined, you can make use of its reaction to ground stable.

Power Word Kill

By casting power word kill bard spell, you speak a word of power that can kill the creature within the range. When the target hits 100 points or less than that, it will die.

Psychic Scream

You can change the power of your mind which intellect up to ten creatures of your choice that you can see within range. And those bard spell creatures have an Intelligence score of 2 or less than 2 are unaffected.

True Polymorph

True polymorph bard spells transforms any creature that you can see within range into a new form. An unwilling creature will make a WIS saving throw to avoid the effect. The shape-changer automatically succeeds on saving throw.

Final Words:

The above bard spells list shows you how many spells are there and you have to cast your spells from 1st level to 9th level. Bard spells can reach up to level 9 and it builds a fortress to attract followers. The bard recruits 10d6 soldiers and they arrive for a certain period of time, but their number does not automatically resume in case of loss in battle.

Of course, the bard can build a fortress at any time but creatures do not appear until he reaches level 9. In the depth of knowledge, the level of musical skill and the connection with magic puts the bards on another level from their brothers.

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