Banishing Smite 5e [Features and Explanation]

In this article we will see about the Banishing Smite 5e spell and how it works. Also you will learn about the classes which uses this Banishing Smite 5e spell in the game.


Banishing smite 5e

Class Features




60 feet


Up to 1 minute

Component :

V, S, M



Casting Time:

1 Action

Classes Using Banishing Smite 5e Spells

What do the Banishing Smite 5e Spells Do?

Banishing smite is an abjuration spell for Paladins. It is a unique spell that causes crackle with its power and causes severe damage to the chosen weapon. A struck target with a certain level of energy will be banished when it is low.

Casting the Banishing smite will hit a specific creature with a weapon attack before the spell ends. The weapon crackles usually come with great force. Also, the attacking deals of the spell will come with an added damage force of 5d10 to attack your target.

In addition, if the attack reduces your target points to 50 hits or lower, then you can banish it. In case, if the target is native to a different plane, then it will be sent back to its native plane and disappears while returning to its home.

If the target is native to the plane you are on, then the creature will disappear into a harmless demiplane and hence, the target will incapacitate. Further, it remains there at the point the target reappears in the space until the spell ends. or else, it will reappear in the nearest unoccupied space to get occupied.

At higher levels: While casting Banishing spell with the 5th level or higher-level spell slots, then, you can target an additional creature for each slot level while gaming.

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